A long-awaited taste "Kobe port opening 150 year anniversary beef curry noodle" becomes rice cake when putting rice

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the port opening on 1 January 2017 (Sunday) in 2017, the image of beef curry which was eaten at hotels in Kobe old settlement from the Meiji Era was categorized as "Kobe port opening 150 year memorial beef curry noodle"Has appeared. I actually tried tasting the curry of "old-fashioned taste" by purchasing it

"Kobe Port Opening 150th Anniversary Beef Curry Noodle" (released on January 2) | Nissin Food Group

Kobe port opening 150 year memorial beef curry noodle is a cute retro package.

"Beginning with beef and curry, we came from the port", and a light blue "Kobe Port Open 150 Years Logo" is also printed on the upper right.

"A rich beef and a retro taste involving the taste of frying vegetables."

Raw materials and quickly used simple ones like onions, carrots and potatoes (fried potatoes) that seems to be entering home curry.

When I thought about peeling the vinyl from the bottom, it means that it was not then, "The lid seal" on the bottom of the cup noodle is not.

When you open the lid you can see that it is a piece of cloth. At this point, like the curry roux of the block, the appetizing smell is stubborn.

So I put hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

The finish is like this, it looks like a picture of a package, it looks like a curry on rice.

Let's stir well before eating. Because it is a Japanese style curry, sliced ​​beef comes in, not mystery meat.

Unlike cup noodles, flat noodles are used for noodles. Unlike the flavor of cup noodle curry, it is an old-fashioned curry with sweetness of vegetables and moderate spice, a taste of Japanese relief. Although the soup has a slightly thickening, it is not leveled and the spicy level can be eaten by children.

Potatoes are finished in Hokuhoku and are indispensable ingredients for Japanese style curry.

Beef has a sweet taste of fat.

After having finished eating noodles, I tried putting white rice into the soup under the conviction that "I do not care what I think".

When I tried eating with stirring well, I thought that "It might have been made to suit the rice" compatibility enough to think. Rather than thatKare MesseshIt is a taste similar to a messed up so if you enter rice you will be able to enjoy it twice.

In addition, Kobe Port Opening 150 year anniversary beef curry noodle is Kinki limited sale, the price is 180 yen per tax.

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