I ate 'New year's rafte udon' of Marugame noodle crossing a bowl of boiled horn of pigs

Marugame noodles were used as the first commodity in 2017, "rough tea" (boiled pork with Okinawa style wind) which is familiar as New Year cuisine in the Okinawa regionYear Rough Rafte udon"From January 1st it is said that it is issuing for the beginning of the year only, so I went to eat.

"Year Rake Rafte udon" from the 1st January Limited sale from the beginning of the year
(PDF file)http://www.toridoll.com/ir/pdf/161228ru.pdf

"Year of the year roughte udon" and "big ebuda udon" were lined up as limited items. Raftayu udon is 690 yen including tax and large including 790 yen including tax.

Wait for about 3 minutes at the seat after placing an order.

Udon arrives. Rafthe is crossing the bowl.

Since there are no ingredients other than raftays, you need to keep ginger, leeks, and heavy dross first.

Raftae is soft, slightly sweet and boiled and goes well with udon.

When I thought that the sushi was hot, a thick tempered sauce was applied. This is a little sweet seasoning.

Eating with plenty of rafa and thick udon is sufficient. It was a menu that warms from the inside of the body.

By the way, by saying "New Year's card coupon", you can receive a coupon that will give you 100 yen discount for favorite udon noodles from Marugame. Validity period is January 6, 2017 to January 31. Since it is said that it can be used only at the coupon ticket office store, please get someone who has a fresh Marugame noodle by all means.

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