Fans created opening crawls that did not appear in "Rogue One / Star Wars Story"

The movie "Star Wars" series released as the first spin-off work "Rogue One / Star Wars StoryThere was no opening crawl at the beginning which is familiar in the series. As for the fact that there was no opening crawl, there are people who felt lonely in the Star Wars fans, so if they were to make it by themselves, one fan will be opening and crawling "Rogue One" I made it.

'Rogue One' Opening Crawl Makes It Feel More Like 'Star Wars' | Hollywood Reporter

In the "Star Wars" series, the opening crawl that introduces the stage of the work and the synopsis of the story surely flows at the beginning. However, the spin-off work "Rogue One" has no opening crawl and the theme song of Star Wars does not flow. Since it is a spin-off work, there is no problem that the movie starts with a directive different from the original series, but there seemed to be some fans who felt loneliness in the absence of opening crawl.

One of such fans himself created and opened the opening crawl of "Rogue One". You can check the video from the following movie.

* Since the opening crawl contains the story of "Rogue One", please be careful of those planned to watch from now.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fanmade opening crawl

Text with the theme song of Star Wars appeared from the bottom of the screen.

The synopsis displayed in the opening crawl is "Jedi almost disappeared and the republic collapsed The galactic empire ruled over fear to the far side of the galaxy, members of the republic persecuted hidden, only the rebel army In the meantime, the Imperial Army 's Clenick Secretary discovered an old friend who had lost contact for a long time, the friend completes the mighty weapon under construction by the Imperial Army It says that it will be the last piece ... ".

Opening / crawling is over when the Death Star under construction appears.

This opening crawl is "Star Wars Intro Creator"It was created using an online service called. Star Wars Intro Creator can create Star Wars opening crawl just by entering text. People who want to make original opening crawls are likely to try it.

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