Google will release a new smart watch equipped with Android Wear 2.0 soon

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Google, which plans to release "Android Wear 2.0", which is a major update of Android Wear, in early 2017, reveals that two smart watches will be launched as flagship models in the first quarter of 2017 did.

Google will launch two flagship smartwatches early next year - The Verge

from beforeRumorThe existence of the two smart watches that were being done is the product manager of Android Wear conducted by The Verge of IT related mediaJeff ChangIt was clarified by Mr. interview.

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According to Mr. Chang, the two new smart watches are not Google and Pixel brands, they will be brands of manufacturers developing jointly with Google. Mr. Mr. Chan has found that the manufacturer who developed it has not developed, but has been developed a device with Android Wear in the past.

Manufacturers who developed devices with Android Wear in the past Motorola · LG · Asus · Huawei · Sony and others, new smart watches will be introduced from manufacturers in this. Also, two new smart watches are equipped with the latest "Android Wear 2.0" as standard. Android Wear 2.0, which is equipped with new features such as a stand-alone application that does not use smartwatch, Android Pay, voice assistant,Google I / O 2016"Was announced. Details can be confirmed from the following articles.

Google's smart watch OS first large update "Android Wear 2.0" new function summary - GIGAZINE

Although Smart Watch appeared on the market as a pioneer of IoT, it can not be said that it was a success like Apple Watch. Whether the new model with Android Wear 2.0 can attract users is a concern.

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