Lotteria which protrudes meat and juicy fondue tailored cheese without any gap "Cheese fondue tailored meat snuggly double exquisite cheese burger"

In Lotteria, which has held various campaigns on 29th of every month as "the day of 29 (Niku)", during the last "30 days" in 2016, the limited time from December 27th (Tue) to 29th (Thursday) It appeared in November 2016"Cheese fondue tailored exquisite cheeseburger", And further upgraded "Cheese fondue tailored meat snuggle double exquisite cheeseburger"Is provided. Literally I have enjoyed the power of cheese sauce with huge meat overflowing from the buns.

~ The day of the last 29 meat of this year is a double with cheese and meat! ~ "Cheese fondue tailored meat snugly double exquisite cheeseburger" Sold for 3 days limited from 27th (Tuesday) to 29th (Thursday) in 2016! | News Release | Lotteria

I came to Lotteria.

A poster of "29 meat day" was listed at the shop front. In this store, the offer period has been extended to January 3, 2017.

Order immediately. This time, I tried ordering a set (1190 yen including tax) together with potato and drink on a single item "Cheese fondue tailored meat snuggle double exquisite cheeseburger" (800 yen tax).

When I take a hamburger in my hand, I feel the weight that I made. As the freshly baked hamburgers were delivered to the seats, it was hard to hold for a long time.

When opening the package, two types of cheese overflowed under the round buns overflowing, in which the hamburger patties are visible faintly. I did not think of something that doubted my eyes and said "ARE ♪ ♪".

The situation in the wrapping paper where the cheese is overflowing enough to bother me "How do I get it and eat it." Also between the buns and hamburger patties, sauces using three kinds of cheese, Cheddar, Gouda, Emmental Gorgonzola are melting with trolley. Hamburger patty is 1.5 times the normal diameter 11.5 cm. Although it is used two, it can hardly be confirmed from the appearance.

From the side, I finally confirmed that 2 hamburger patties are included. Anyway, 360 degrees cheese is falling like a waterfall no matter where you look from.

Volunteable volumes can only come up with the word "volume full marks" anyway, as soon as you worry that you are eating "... where you ate ...". The rich flavor of the two kinds of cheese and the fragrant flavor of the hamburgers patty which peppers of moderately weighed are just like "rushing" and the mouth is filled with hamburger and cheese. There is a level of eating response that is illusory as "Do you have cheese hamburgers now?", But there is a flavor drifting from the buns of sweet texture and a flavor of flour, which makes it a hamburger It reminds us that it is.

As you can imagine, the cheese overflows steadily from the other side that got stuck. When eating from various angles so that the balance does not collapse, it became a hamburger that can fully taste rich cheese even if it hangs from where, I was told that the naming of "cheese fondue tailor" is not Date.

Cheese fondue tailored meat snuggly double exquisite cheeseburger will be sold for limited time on December 27th (Tuesday) to 29th (Thursday) in 2016 Lotteria excluding the following shops. In some stores, the offer period will be extended to January 3, 2017 (Tuesday).

In addition to the following shops, some stores do not conduct.
Saitama Super Arena / Fujikyu Highland / Ueno Park Rueno FS / Ginza Crystal Building / Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis / Kobe Harborland / Odakyu Marche Maru Tamagawa Gakuen front / ZOZO Marine Stadium

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