The reason why the new MacBook Pro is said to "can not recommend" is on the battery


New model "announced on 27th October 2016MacBook Pro"Has a number of unprecedented features such as" Touch Bar "of a new interface that changes according to the usage situation and a port that can transfer data up to 40 Gbps by putting together USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 I will. A review called "I can not recommend it" to such a MacBook Pro has been given a big topic.

Apple working with Consumer Reports to pin down inconsistent MacBook Pro battery test results - The Verge

It is a nonprofit consumer organization that has released product reviews and reviews on December 22Consumer ReportsHowever, for the latest MacBook Pro released by Apple,I can not recommend the latest MacBook ProI made an evaluation saying, "I tried a controversy.

The reason why Consumer Report gave such a severe evaluation is simple because "the result of the battery test of the new MacBook Pro was not very consistent". Battery tests done by consumer reports on the MacBook Pro are very common and open up web pages to investigate how much time the batteries are.

Consumer Report details the details of the battery test, "In the battery test, the ten web pages are continuously opened with the battery of the terminal fully charged and the time until the laptop (MacBook Pro) turns off We used the one stored in the server of our laboratory to use the web page opened by the battery test and transfer the data of the webpage to the terminal via the Wi - Fi network specially installed for testing We tested the battery with the default browser of the terminal and in the case of the MacBook Pro we tested it with Safari. "

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In the battery test conducted by the Consumer Report, the MacBook Pro with the 13-inch Touch Bar model was recorded for 16 hours at the beginning, 12 hours and 45 minutes for the second test, and 3 hours 45 minutes at the third time. With the 13-inch Touch Bar not equipped MacBook Pro, it first recorded 19 hours 30 minutes and the second time 4 hours 30 minutes. It seems that the 15-inch MacBook Pro recorded 18 hours 30 minutes for the first time and 8 hours for the second time. In this way, as the result of the battery test got dramatically worse every time the number of times of testing got worse, the consumer report says, "Why until the battery test result is not as consistent as it is, We do not recommend purchasing a MacBook Pro ".

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple's worldwide marketing, on December 23, the day after Consumer Reports released the evaluation for the latest MacBook Pro, said, "(Consumer Reports Battery Test Results) We do not agree with large-scale tests and field data done in the laboratory.We are currently discussing with consumer reports. "

Apple just released a MacBook Pro,Price and processorThere are places not accepted by consumers for various reasons. And, based on the battery test of the consumer report, "Ver bad point list of MacBook Pro" can also add battery items, said the international news media The Verge.

There are various reports on the battery of the MacBook Pro, Bloomberg said, "Apple originally planned to adopt more advanced technology batteries for MacBook Pro, but without using conventional ones It has gone out of control "Report"Apple has deleted the function to display" How long does the battery last? "From the new function of macOS"rumorThere is also. "In short, the results of the battery test on consumer reports are not from places with nothing," The Verge. In other words, Apple pointed out that it was originally concerned about the battery performance of the MacBook Pro.


The question is whether the battery test of the consumer report is reliable, but the Consumer Report says, "We test hundreds of laptops every year, all the tests are under highly controlled conditions I will do it in the same procedure. " Also by 9to 5Mac reporting Apple related newsReview article of MacBook ProBut many reviewers say "MacBook Pro batteries are not consistent with a question mark".

The Verge says, "Even if it is true that the result of the battery test is inconsistent, whether it is a lie, even though the MacBook Pro lowers the evaluation according to the test result, there is a defect in the hardware even though the software is defective Well, unfortunately we can not assert them. " However, as a result of this inconsistent battery test, it says, "The battery of the MacBook Pro is worth investigating in the future".

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