Register super "Amazon Go" is the first step for establishment of the Amazon empire which fully dominates the retail industry around the world

Concept store that Amazon can bring home the items taken out from the shelf without requiring settlement at the cash register "Amazon Go"In the YouTube movie. This Amazon Go pointed out that it is an important first step for the establishment of the Amazon Empire to completely control the retail industry around the world.Amazon Go Is About Way More Than GroceriesNerdwriter 1 has published it.

Amazon Go Is About Way More Than Groceries - YouTube

How can we change the whole industry?

For Jeff Bezos of Amazon ......

"Amazon Go" is the means.

Amazon Go is made up of three processes. Part 1 is "Movie strategy".

Amazon Go adopting an innovative settlement method that brings out the item as it is to the outside of the shop without checkouts was announced in the form of a concept movie on YouTube.

Amazon's presentation is the vision of the shop of the future that "there is no cash register underlying stress".

This movie is like a Beyonce 's surprise album and it is extremely important in terms of marketing strategy.

Amazon does not accept any comments or questions for movies.

It is a method of asking the world about ideas.

The first process that makes this "expectation" embrace also has relevance to the second process.

Amazon Go process 2 "patent strategy"

Two patents Amazon got in 2013 and 2014 are related to Amazon Go.

A system that tracks products that are carried inside and outside the area ......

A system that automatically detects products returned to a shelf using a camera.

Clearly these are supporting Amazon Go systems.

Two patents originally thought to be a patent for managing Amazon's warehouse.

However, Amazon has sneaked in the description "retail location" and it seems to have assumed Amazon Go from a long-term perspective.

Concept 3, "In-depth investigation"

Amaonz Go is scheduled to open a trial store in Seattle, which is the owner of Amazon.

Feedback obtained at this exam shop is likely to be used around the world after that.

Amazon Go's strategy may be similar to Amazon's cloud service AWS.

AWS, a challenge to get on from a retailing industry to a cloud service in a different industry, now has grown into a huge business with the highest revenue on Amazon.

Originally, the server business supporting Amazon's net retail service was the start of AWS.

It is an idea to lend out the Internet infrastructure that supports high quality Amazon service to other services.

It has succeeded in creating a huge sum by diverting its own service to other services.

Service using AWS is full of enormous numbers.

AWS continues to grow significantly year by year.

AWS which became the cloud service of Dantotsu has become an overwhelming service which is ten times the size of the cloud service which summarized the 2nd to the 15th place cloud service.

If you look at the business model of AWS, you can easily predict the future of Amazon Go.

It uses three processes ... ...

It is to develop future services like movie minority reports all over the world.

The system of Amazon Go can naturally be utilized for existing supermarkets and convenience stores.

And the "data" to be pulled from stores introducing the Amazon Go system may further strengthen the Amazon empire.

Amazon will license the Amazon Go service throughout the retail industry with a market size of 25 trillion dollars (about 3000 trillion yen) in the United States alone, naturally it will also approach the global retail industry.

From Amazon's ultimate goal of completely winning the global retail market, Amazon Go has only just begun.

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