A momentary successive movie of a funny miracle that happened in the game "Battlefield 1" set in the First World War

An FPS game where you can enjoy online match-up with up to 64 people participating in the First World War "Battlefield 1 (Battlefield 1)", You may encounter an inexplicable battle death unique to online battle, or a moment of miracle that makes you smile unexpectedly. A movie that collects only such "interesting scenes" has been released, and there are plenty of contents that can be enjoyed by those who are not playing or doing it.

Battlefield 1 - Random & amp; Funny Moments # 8 (Spawn Fails, Best Teammate Save Ever!) - YouTube

This is the start screen of Multiplayer of Battlefield 1. From here we will sortie into the battlefield of World War I.

When I respoed to the battlefield, enemy soldiers who raise a shouting "Wow aaaaaa" are rushing in front of my eyes.

This is a "bayonet assault" attack, and if you hit this rush, you die without question and you died in less than 1 second after sorting out on the battlefield.

It is the enemy soldier who is shooting the machine gun outward from the small window.

If you are shooting a machine gun, you will only see the outside of the window. Therefore, even if a player strikes a pistol just in front of an enemy's face, the enemy soldier continues to shoot the enemies outside without noticing it at all. It is a situation that is impossible in reality.

A shooting soldier (Sniper) shoots a bomber that fly. Of course there is nothing to hit but it seems just to tried shooting in play.

At the moment passing, I was caught firearms and I witnessed the moment when death comes close to me.

As the cavalry attacked, I was shooting at a pistol.

I could not force an enemy to death, but I was overturned ... ...

An ally fighter aircraft attacked the cavalry with super low-flying flight, and gave Kataki a chance.

It seems that it was destroyed by a tank in the back.

"Nursing men" who can revive the dead friends there, got a treatment, got a life through nine deaths after receiving treatment.

However, a mysterious bug occurred, it passed through the ground ... ...

To the samurai that falls down the space you do not understand.

This is the viewpoint of a soldier riding a tank.

A curious cavalry with a strong curiosity stuck to the window stuck.

Towards the target point ahead of the aisle Turkish dash!

Once looking backwards ......

When turning again, it seems that a soldier who was running in front was sniper sniper.

It is a nurse who heads for rescue by advancing it ... ...

I was sniperly aimed and two soldiers would follow the aisle.

Because they were lined up in parallel, a miracle shot occurred that double killed with one shot.

As a friend of the sniper who saw this "go, I will do!"

Even with the shadow of the enemy I was sniped away and died

Attack soldiers who are good at proximity fight also respond ... ...

Also dead

An enemy's Sugo Arm Sniper instantly created a mountain of corpses.

A motorcycle that blows in the desert

As soon as I got over the sand dune, I dropped the motorcycle and found an enemy soldier in the distance.

I tried to eliminate it with a gun, but I hit a bike and succeeded in killing.

A giant balloon ship from a fighter planeZeppelinI am shooting it.

However, because it had come back, I tried landing on the ceiling of the Zeppelin, leaving the fighter plane ......

Position bad and put on the ground straight.

When I thought that I had escaped the difficulties by opening a parachute, I got into "battle area out" where I have to leave within 10 seconds to die. The fall of the parachute takes time, so death is confirmed as it is.

...... I thought that another plane flew away.

It miraculously caught on a fighter of a flying fly ... ....

I made a fight back to the front.

The blue skull mark that is visible in the distance represents a state where ally died and treatment of nursing men is acceptable.

A player who takes out an injection which is a resurrected item and heads to rescue a friend

However, the ally moves more and more by the bug. Although it is a downhill, obviously the physical law was neglected, and it is slippery slippery corpse with slippery movement.

Finally stop and give an injection, already the soldier was completely called to heaven.

A cavalry brave to raise a saber

Higher! Jump and ......

I got into the wall for some reason and became like a common bronze statue.

I removed the "gas mask" that prevents the damage of poison gas by gas grenade ......

Fellows came into the building.

It was supposed to be a real face at the encounter, but it is worn on the face as gas masks are replaced.

There is no time to think "What the hell is it !?", an explosion happened and the ally died.

It is a nurse who finds a deceased friend and heads for treatment ......

Sniper who was lurking in the distance was snipered and it became a secondary disaster.

Then did you get bombed, your carcass floated up with a blast ... ...

It's like being insanely relaxed. Maybe the sniper is also confused by the scope.

When driving a motorcycle ......

Charge into previous car.

The momentum the automobile stood upright from the front wheel. Another soldier gathered and gazed at an unusual sight, but ... ...

A soldier I was seeing went into the car with tremendous acrobatic movements.

Depending on the weight of the soldier, the car came to be able to run without problems.

◆ bonus
In Battlefield 1 where you can play against up to 64 people, you may attend a "miracle moment" like the above movie when you play. Below is a movie of Battlefield 1 uploaded to Imgur with the title "the most interesting image on the Internet". When the Zeppelin is destroyed it will cause a big explosion in the sky to crash but somehow there is a soldier running on the ceiling of the exploding Zeppelin and it happens by the sniper on the ground that it is discovered by chance It can happen up to events like the one scene of the movie "die hard".

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