Research results that the IQ score will be improved by 2 years long at school

ByTodd Petrie

Many researchers have the idea that people's IQ is greatly influenced by the genes and the nutritional environment of childhood, and discussion will be given on "the impact of school education on children's IQ score", but it will be held in Norway In the study, the conclusion that "IQ will be higher as school education period is extended" has been announced.

Schooling in adolescence raises IQ scores
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Study: More Education Increases IQ Score

In Norway I started educational reforms since the mid 1950's and extended the compulsory education that I was able to finish at the age of 14 until 16 years old. At this time, as each community was asked to extend the compulsory education by the year 1972, about 20 years from the mid 1950s to 1972, there are 7 years of compulsory education and 9 years by community However, it existed.

Therefore, researchers Christian N. Brincha and Taryn Ann Gallowaya of Oslo University in Norway investigated the data of men born between 1950 and 1958 and compared the male with 7 year compulsory education and the nine-year obligation Compare the educated male at the age of 19 with the educational background up to the age of 30. In Norway men were 19 years old when I was drafted and IQ scores were measured at the age of 19, so the research used about 107,000 people for that data. The research result was announced in 2011.

IQ has an average value of 100, about 68% of people fall within the range of 85 to 115, and about 95% falls between 70 and 130It is said. In the Norwegian survey, men who received full compulsory education for nine years had an IQ score higher by 7 points than men who were compulsory educated for 7 years, and men who were compulsory educated for 8 years had 7 years of compulsory education The IQ score is 3.7 points higher than men who received compulsory education. Three classifications existed for the convenience of educational reform: generation without compulsory education, generation extended for 1 year, generation with extension for 2 years, but compulsory education was extended for one year As I got higher IQ score, it had a big influence on male cognitive ability.

ByEvil Erin

Mr. Gallowaya says, "If educational reforms affected them and if the average IQ was above average, this is a big deal." Regarding the reason why the IQ score improved due to extension of compulsory education, "general thought skills are to learn and train at school.Some schools have opportunities to train thought skills, so compulsory education is two years I believe that improving skills was seen by extension. "

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