I tried eating Mickey and Minnie 's Japanese confectionery "Eat Mass Disney Mickey Mouse" "Eat Mass Disney Minnie Mouse"

ONE-PIECE'schopperYaRilakkuma,Korilakkuma & Chairoy CugmaBandai's offering Japanese sweets that are very hard to eat such as "Eat massFrom the series, only in Seven - Eleven "Eat Mass Disney Mickey Mouse"When"Eat masses Disney Minnie Mouse"Has appeared. Seven-Eleven's on-line site "Omni 7I was able to get what I was ordering, so I tried tasting.

Eat Mass Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse | Bandai Candy Official Site

'Mickey Mouse' and 'Minnie Mouse' first appeared in popular series 'Eat Mass'! "Eater Mass Disney Mickey Mouse" & "Eat Mass Disney Minnie Mouse"

This is "Eater Mass Disney Mickey Mouse" and "Eat Mass Disney Minnie Mouse"

Even in a case, it is small enough to take a palm of your hand.

Looking at the side of the case, it is written that Mickey Mouse enters black miso paste and Minnie mouse enters strawberry bean paste.

Looking at the raw material name of Mickey Mouse, white bean paste, sugar, azuki beans, black molasses, rice cake powder, top powders etc.

The raw material name of Minnie mouse is basically the same as Mickey Mouse, but strawberries are used as it was also on the side.

Compared with the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm taken out of the case, this is about this size.

The height is like this.

Both of them are made very finely, and of course the patterns of trousers and skirts are faithful ... ...

The hand size and how to hold it are different ... ...

There was also a difference that the size of the feet was slightly smaller for Minnie Mouse.

The back is like this. Tails are also reproduced.

Looking at it from directly above, both Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse smile smiling and watching this.

There is a weak point that the food of a character thing has a weak point that it becomes hard to eat as the degree of its reproduction is high, but I will never eat the meaning.

A cross section of minnie mouse looks like this. There is a slightly pink bean paste in the black head and red skirt part.

When I tried it, it is a Japanese sweet with a slightly damp texture, but a fresh acidity of strawberry is felt slightly. Although there is also a texture that has been stumble of the strawberry seeds, the sweetness of the sugar in the base part is very strong, so it seems that some people do not notice that the bean paste is strawberry taste unless told.

Next I will eat Mickey Mouse.

The cross section of Mickey Mouse looks like this. Black minced bean paste is contained in the part where minnie mouse strawberry beans were contained.

Compared to the strawberry flavor of Minnie Mouse, Micky Mouse 's black Mitsuki flavor is slightly stronger. I felt the richness and fragrance of brown sugar firmly. Because Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are very sweet, it is recommended to eat little by little with Japanese tea etc.

Furthermore, eating mass Disney Mickey mouse · Eating mass Disney Minnie mouse,Omni 7We have already completed the pre-order from the September 22 th (Thursday) to the 24 th (Sat) in 2016, available for purchase at Seven-Eleven throughout the country for three days only. All prices are 270 yen including tax.

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