President Obama directed hacking in presidential election, Mr. Trump implemented a campaign to issue supporters "member cards"

A businessman and real estate king Donald Trump is winning the extremely violent campaign with Mr. Hillary Clinton to win the number of agents required for the election and almost being elected the 45th president of the United States It became definitive. In the presidential election, the suspicion that a cyber attack from the Russian side was carried out to make the trump camp advantageous was reported, but concerning this matter, CIA who said "There was an attack from Russia" Regarding the report, Mr. Trump is said to be "absurd", but it is the situation where President Obama instructs the information agency to conduct a thorough investigation.

Trump breaks with Obama, intel agencies on election hacking - POLITICO

Obama asks intel community to conduct "full review" of election-related hacks | Ars Technica

According to the Washington Post reported on December 9, 2016, the CIA is preparing a report that the Russian side was involved in winning Mr. Trump in the 45th presidential election. Regarding this presidential election, Secretary of State Secretary Hillary Clinton was revealing that my e-mail address was used for business, but it was stolen by hacking to Wikileaks where this information comes from It was written in the CIA's report that he identified the person who was supposed to bring in the data of the mail. One high-ranking official said, "In the survey of the information-related community, the purpose of the Russian side was to make the candidates favorable to other candidates and to win."

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House - The Washington Post

Regarding this CIA report, Mr. Trump said that it is "absurd" and dismissed the findings. Mr. Trump, asked about the article on the Washington Post in an interview with FOX TV, said, "I just gave another excuse, I do not believe the content and I do not know the reason (such a report came out) An excuse is announced like weekly but I have a landslide victory to win 306 agents and only a very small number of Hillary Clinton has been obtained. "

Regarding hacking, Mr. Trump said, "Unless hackers are caught in the current offense, it is difficult to identify who actually participated, why was not this case picked up before the election?" doing.

Regarding this matter, Mr. Lisa Monaco, an advisor to the terrorism and national security in the Obama administration, explained about a series of cyber attacks against the Democratic Party of Hillary who belonged to Hillary in 2016 presidential election, We reveal what President Obama has instructed to conduct a survey. Mr. Monaco says the findings will be published before President Obama retires in January 2017.

On the other hand, the trump camp showed the reaction, "The same people said that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.The election is a history Along with the result of winning a formal electorate, it has ended long ago and now it is time to move forward and make America the great again (Make Amerika Great Again) "It is time to announce the statement.

The fact that Mr. Trump says "absurd" for CIA, who said he had grasped evidence based on high intelligence ability also constitutes not allowing the information of CIA when he is actually appointed president Conflict between Mr. Cram and Mr. Trump will be a serious situation. Mr. Trump has announced the intention to reduce the number of times the briefing on security information every morning to the president is "once a week". For that reason Mr. Trump says that it is not allowable to hear the same content every morning and "I only need it when I need it."

Mr. TrumpMr. McMahon, the biggest professional wrestling industry director for SMEsIn addition to having Secretary of State diplomatic experienceNominated ExxonMobil Tillason CEOAlthough I am trying to take measures to go over Naname in the surrounding forecast, such as doing, this is also a very rare attempt here on my website. The following sites accept applications for the "Inauguration Government Membership Card" to express support for the Trump regime scheduled to be established in 2017. A card is issued to members, and when paying membership fee of 35 dollars (about 4000 yen) or more, their name will be printed on the card.

Official 2017 Inaugural Membership Card | Donald J. Trump

That is to say, accepting donation to the Trump regime or de facto "fan club", but the trump camp said that he was conducting similar attempts in the past. In August 2016 when the presidential election was incandescent, a campaign was being held to earn "Gold Member Card" by donating more than $ 100 (about 15,000 yen).

Trump Campaign Is Selling a (Now-Discounted) Gold Membership Card | Mediaite

The amount which was originally 100 dollars was finally reduced to 35 dollars (about 4000 yen). The following gold pic card is issued to the applicant, but under the sign of Mr. Trump in the lower left is "Authorized by the future President of the United States (approved by the future President of the United States of America)" It seems he was.

◆ 2016/12/15 Additional note
American NBC News reported that "Russian President Vladimir Putin himself has been directly involved in hacking America's presidential election." NBC News reported from two high-ranking government officials with direct information access, "President Putin is directly informed about when and how to use the leakage information on Hillary Clinton's mail leakage problem There is evidence that there is high likelihood that he had a relationship. " President Putin's initial objective seems to have been on revenge for Hillary who criticized the election system of Russia, but then made an image that America is no longer reliant as the world leader, The strategy has changed in the direction of breaking up. Russia pointed out that it was ultimately judged that Russia's national interest would be achieved by winning a cards president over Hillary.

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