Discovered long-lost paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, worth about 1.8 billion yen

It is an artist representing RenaissanceLeonardo da VinciThe undiscovered paintings of the past were found in the auction house in Paris. A number of experts including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the U.S. have been appraised as "authentic", and the work of the newly discovered masters is valued as worth 15.8 million dollars (about 1.819 billion yen) .

An Artistic Discovery Makes a Curator's Heart Pound - The New York Times

A man retired as a doctor in March 2016 brought 14 paintings that were not included in the forehead to Tajan of the auction house in Paris, France. These paintings were collected by male fathers, and Tajan is also an auction house where relatively low price items are displayed. Thaddee Prate, director of classical painting at Tajan, was appraising the picture brought in, when I saw a point in it, he said, "I felt more than just a 16th century painting" .

Mr. Prate asked Patrick de Bayser, who is an advisor to classical painting and an independent dealer for this picture, for a second opinion. Then de Bayser asked, "Did you notice that this painting is painted by left-handed artists?", And further discovered scientific evidence from the back of the painting indicating that the painting was drawn from the right to the left Did. The famous Leonardo da Vinci is also left-handed, and is known for drawing from the right to the left. They said that they were staring at each other and saying, "It is inconceivable, is not Leonardo's work?"

Mr. Prate contacted Dr. Carmen C. Bambach who works as a professional staff of the Italian and Spanish painting department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in search of a third critical opinion. Dr. Bambach is a person who has published a paper on Leonardo da Vinci. Dr. Bambach talks about his painting when he first saw the painting "I thought my eyes had popped out," as a result of the appraisal, Dr. Bambach was just like Leonardo da Vinci It was confirmed that it belonged to.

Regarding the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci discovered this time, Tajan has valued the value of 15.8 million dollars (about 1.819 billion yen), but it is not sold at the auction but has been delivered to the Louvre museum And that. The French government says it will take 30 months to present "fair international market value", but if immeasurable value is recognized, there is a possibility that it will be recognized as a "French National Treasure" to prevent outflows outside the country There is that.

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