I have eaten a mellow "Garibata beef Calbi donburi" and "relieved chazukei" with garlic in butter and garlic in butter

The fragrance of fragrant butter makes his appetite, legendary Satabeya's first garlic butter sauce taste "Garibata beef Calbee on bowl"Winter shark rice with crispy plum and meat tea pickles"Relieved chazuke"From December 1, 2016 (Thursday), the legendary" Tata Donburi "has started offering. I actually ate what two new items of "Sotabon shop" are finished.

【Limited Time】 12/1 (Thu) Release ★ First taste of "Sota Bowl" ★ "Garibata beef Calbi don bowl" | Legendary Sota Bon noodle / Specialty bowl of rice bowl 【Official site】

【Limited Time】 12/1 (Thu) Release ☆ Winter 's Shime Rice ☆' Hotto Sawachikei '| Legendary Sota Bon noodle / Specialty Donburu Store 【Official Site】

Arrived in the legendary yata noodle shop.

Purchase tickets for Ochazuke who was relieved with a Garibata cow Calvithon with a ticket vending machine.

Give me a meal ticket, and after a while Garibata beef Calvi bowl arrived. It is with miso soup.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm, the height is about this. There is quite a volume.

This bowl has this diameter.

Onion meat is sprinkled with onion and garlic chips ......

Sprouts of sprouts, onion, garlic, etc were frying with meat.

Pork belly sliced ​​meat is used in the original rice bowl, but garlic bull beef ribdon was used slightly thicker bull beef meat. Like a little fat? I thought that ... ... Is it like a little fat? I thought that ... ...

It seems that there is bias due to part.

When I try to eat, although butter and garlic fragrance are present, butter gathers the whole taste mellowily. As "a fragrant buttery scent arouses appetite", although garlic and butter also appetite, garlic is too strong, making it easier to eat. A little sweet sauce is used for Suta - don, but Garibata cow Calvithon has no element of sweetness.

Next, a relieved tea cake arrived. Besides the bowl, there is a small dish containing soup stock, miso soup, leek, chopped starch, crunchy plum, wasabi and hail.

The overall amount is smaller than Garibata beef Calbi rice bowl, and it is understood that it is "main", it is the position of "one cup of dead" to the last.

Among the bowls are pork and green onions sweetly fried with soy sauce and others, and Takuen included. Since it is a solid seasoning, you can still eat it as it is ... ...

Here, I will apply condiments & soup.

Because heavily fatty pork is used, the bowls themselves are rich finish, but you can eat refreshingly by adding condiments and soup stock. Crispy plums are doing a very nice job and will make the mouth clearer so it certainly looks good for a cup of the dead.

Garibata beef Calbi don is 980 yen including tax, relieved Ochazuke is 630 yen including tax. Please note that some shops are not offering it.

There are 11 shops below which do not offer Garibata beef Calbi don.

Nakano Shimbashi store, Mr. Mr. shop, Kokubunji branch, Don Quijote Asakusa store, Fussa beehama store, Ario Hashimoto store, Rigakuzaka SA (downline) store, Yodobashi Umeda store, Yume Town Hatsukaichi store, Yume Town Kurume shop, Yume Town light Forest shop

There are 6 shops below which do not offer relieved chazuke.

Nakano Shimbashi store, Mi ~'s shop, Fussa beehama shop, Collocation SA (down line) store, Yume Town Hatsukaichi store, Yume Town Kurume shop

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