"Human beings are at a more dangerous time than ever before," Dr. Hawking warns


As a global theoretical physicist and also known as "wheelchair physicist"Stephen HawkingDr. Inquiries about election results that occurred in the United Kingdom and the United States, "he said," humanity has reached an unprecedented dangerous period in history. "

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In the UK - Cambridge town has been shaped around the University of Cambridge, which is one of the world's leading university, was feeling its own carriers were able to spend as a researcher in their 20s and the thing that was very blessed Dr. Hawking believes that the world that he experienced becomes increasingly rare in the trend of the world that is about to change dramatically.

Dr. Hawking said "British EU withdrawal"When"Presidential election of American Donald TrumpI believe that the two events, symbolic, indicate that the world is changing. And the background of these two events is that there is a middle class that has not been carefully so far, there is a "denial of the elite" by the middle class that the leaders feel is forgotten Thing. And despite having a serious obstacle of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, herself who kept his communication skills by the power of science and technology, continued his research, was "denied by many people" It is said that it is included in "layer". Dr. Hawking seems to be concerned that denial of the elite stratum can lead to denial of academic research.

Based on these facts, Dr. Hawking says, "The most important thing is how elite people respond to the public will shown in British-American elections." Dr. Hawking believes that behaviors that deny election results and ignore them are perfect mistakes.

According to Dr. Hawking, the employment of traditional manufacturing industry is decreasing due to advances in science and technology and globalization, and future development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will cause further damage to middle-class employment The economic inequality that could be given and between creative work and the person who loses jobs and jobs in the position of management will be expanded and accelerated globally. Dr. Hawking says, "This is an unavoidable thing, it is progress, but it is destructive to society." And Dr. Hawking points out that the Internet will contribute to accelerating this economic inequality.

With the spread of the Internet and social media, everyone can easily know the reality of what has wealth and what they do not have. For example, it is an example that everyone in the world who is forced to live a hard life can easily know the celebrity's brilliant life published in Instagram and daily life in a rich world without war . Dr. Hawking says that it is inevitable that people who migrate abroad and refugees increase, thinking that they want to escape from a painful life and send a happier life. And from the cost of new infrastructure development needed to support the lives of those who have moved, it is avoided that intolerance opinions emanating from immigrants are spurred and spurs of political populism are spurred Dr. Hawking thinks there is nothing.

According to Dr. Hawking, the world we live in has many unprecedented serious problems such as climate change, over-population, food crisis, marine pollution, etc., the greatest crisis in the history of mankind It is said that he is picking up. Although human beings have technology to destroy the global environment, in the present situation that we have not yet reached the technology until we escape from the earth and move to other planets, we must cooperate Dr. Hawking is complaining that it is necessary to work.

And in order for humankind to cooperate to protect the earth, it is necessary to remove barriers between the country and the country. Dr. Hawking points out that world leaders are aware that collaboration beyond the barriers between the country and the country has failed and failed all the time so far I will. In the present situation where wealth is concentrated in the hands of a limited number of people, we should share wealth more than ever, and not only for the occupation which is about to be lost, but also for the entire industry to be lost, Dr Hawking says that it should help create new things and support economic support for that period. If we say that it is impossible to accept immigrants at the current pace, we should do more to lead to the development and development of the region around the world, and that is the only person who intends to emigrate Dr. Hawking points out that it is a means to discourage them.

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