Super shooting slow motion "Propeller tuning device" fighter machine gun bullet flew through propeller

A mechanism that can fire a bullet of a machine gun installed on the nose of a fighter aircraft so as not to hit the rotating propeller blades is "Propeller tuning deviceSince it was invented at the time of the First World War, fighter aircraft equipped with machine gun at the nose became mainstream.A gun firing underwaterYaInjection of a flamethrowerAnd so on with a super slow motion camera The YouTube channel "The Slow Mo Guys" has published a super slow motion movie in which the bullet of a machine gun is fired through a propeller by a propeller tuning device.

Bullets vs Propeller in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys appeared while saying "Slow motion of bullets can be seen anytime." This time we will shoot "propeller tuning device" with super slow motion. The propeller tuning device is a mechanism developed during World War I, and this time the video also has a game "Battlefield 1" which is the subject of World War I as a sponsor.

This is a propeller tuning device imitating a part of fighter aircraft.

It is almost a halibote so you can not fly like a fighter, but you can fire a machine gun with a face from the gun trip.

However, because it does not make chairs, it will remain standing, specifications that the legs pop out of the aircraft.

Looking from the front like this.

So shooting started. Since it is not necessary to set aim, seems to fire a machine gun without releasing its face from the gun trip.

In the state where the machine gun is actually launched by super slow motion, the muzzle of the machine gun blows a flame ......

A bullet was fired.

Of course, it never hits the propeller, and continues to rotate as it is.

From the side, you can see that bullets are passing through.

When you look at the muzzle of the machine gun in close proximity and in slow motion, it is tremendous force.

Every time you shoot a bullet, the medicine is flickered and the next bullet is loaded.

There is also an image from the viewpoint of the sniper. The propeller at the moment the bullet is fired comes to a pretty critical position, but it never hits the feathers ... ...

Landing on the sand on the other side.

Now stop the propeller tuning device and conversely shoot the propeller with the machine gun in super slow motion to shoot the moment.

Finally, I shoot a state of shooting continuously. Under normal playback, you can see how bullets are fired consecutively with "panpanpan bread" while the propeller is rotating.

Finally, I confirmed the propeller, it was not an elaborate propeller tuning device that was created for shooting, or about 3 bullets landed on the propeller other than purposely shot. The two people of The Slow Mo Guys said "I knew it was okay not to break soon even if I hit it."

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