Succeeded in regenerating short-term memory that was forgotten by giving electrical stimulation to the brain

ByTsahi Levent-Levi

"The name of the person you met for the first time"Short term memoryIt will be saved in the brain, but will automatically forget if you do not make efforts to remember. It is difficult to remember the memories that I forgot, but research results that succeeded in regaining the short-term memory that I forgot by giving electrical stimulation to the brain have been announced.

Reactivation of latent working memories with transcranial magnetic stimulation | Science

Stimulating the brain can bring back forgotten short-term memories - The Verge

When you remember the face and name of the person you met for the first time, certain neurons are igniting continuously in the brain. The joint research team consisting of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Notre Dame University, Liege University,Transcranial magnetic stimulation methodWe announced the results of research to Science magazine to reproduce forgotten short-term memory by using the method of igniting neurons in the brain called TMS (TMS).

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The research team handed out the pictures of the human face to the participants in the test and remembered them and analyzed the brain activities of the participants. According to this, it is possible to accurately specify the neuron firing pattern when remembering the face of the photograph. Next, by instructing participants to remember another image not related to the first face photo, neuron firing related to the facial photograph stops in the brain. This condition is considered to "forget" facial photographs. After that, when TMS stimulated a neuron related to a facial photograph, it succeeded in reproducing the short-term memory by reproducing the same neuron firing pattern as when the stationary neuron remembered the facial photograph.

In another test, I showed various images to participants and I was able to ascertain whether I remember two images such as "face" and "character" from among them. When I ignited the neuron of the image which did not appear in the test with TMS, it became difficult for participants to understand whether they were memories memorized by themselves or memories activated by TMS, and that mistakes increased in the test . Research that showed that artificial 'memory manipulation' is actually possible is emerging, so that there is a possibility that new therapies such as improving memory capacity and manipulating trauma of PTSD patients will appear Yes.

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