What is the reason why the fare for the subway became free and it was all you could do for the ride?

An unusual occurrence happened in San Francisco, USA, that the freight of the subway serving the citizen's feet will be free. The reason why the subway fare was made totally free is that "San Francisco City Transportation Bureau (SFMTA)San Francisco Municipal Railway(Muni) "and whySFGateIt reports.

Free rides for Muni customers after apparent computer hack - SFGate

SFMTA has made the subway fare on November 26 (Saturday) free. When I go to the ticket vending machine at Powell station in San Francisco on 26th, "Out of Service" is displayed as pink letter on the screen, SFMTA officials handwritten from there on top "Metro I wrote the paper wrote "free (subway free)".

According to Paul Rose, an SFMTA spokesperson, on November 25 (Friday), a message "You hacked (you hacked)" appears on the computer screen of the SFMTA staff and the authority's computer It seems that it became clear that the system was hacked. And it seems that SFMTA made the subway fare free from the Friday late time, which is "a measure to minimize the impact on customers", says Rose. However, I do not comment on what this "influence" is commenting on and it is not clear whether the reason why the fare was made free is because "computer system was hacked".

However, as the subway fare became free from 25th, the state of each station is diffused on SNS.

"COMPUTERS DOWN Free Fare (computer down, free fare)" paste.

It seems that ticket machines at any station were inactive.

The San Francisco Examiner'S reporter Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez noticed that "You Hacked" appears on the computer screen at the subway station and is shooting pictures.

The screen displayed on the computer of the station official is like this. You can see that all the data on the computer has been encrypted, and you can not access the data inside unless you enter the release keyRansomwareYou can see that it was infected.

According to The San Francisco Examiner, SFMTA computer system is infected with Ransomware, hackers have requested a ransom of 73 thousand dollars (about 8.1 million yen). According to Hoodline 's report, among the 8656 computers forming the computer network of SFMTA, the hacker side seems to have under control 2112 units.

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