I tried Matsuya "thick cut pork tea set meal" which can taste plenty of satisfaction with extremely thick aged loin meat

Matsuya has annual menu as "Set sliced ​​pork cutlet setWe are starting offering on November 22, 2016 (Tuesday). It was said that the thickness and volume of meat increased, so I tried it at once.

Notice of newly released thick-cut pork tea set meal! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

At the entrance there was a big poster of "thick pork set tea set meal".

Of course I ordered a thick cut pork set meal set (730 yen including tax).

In addition, in commemoration of the launch the rice spera is free for 1 week.

The ingredients of miso soup were fried and seaweed.

It is said that the thick cut pork set meal is using aged chilled pork loin that was baked carefully with high temperature iron plate.

Salad with corn, cabbage and carrots is accompanied by potato salad with parsley.

It is specially made garlic sauce that is plentifully applied to the loin meat, which is characterized by not using chemical seasoning, artificial sweetener, synthetic coloring matter, synthetic preservative.

The thickness of the pork loin meat would be 2 centimeters. Thinned meat of beef bowl and pork bowl is a different thickness dimension.

Appetite is aroused by soy sauce based sauce that is salty, with a rather strong garlic flavor, soft roast meat that can be crispy baked.

Surprisingly soft pork texture, satisfactory feeling is considerably high with sufficient thickness. It has no fat and is healthy loose meat.

The garlic sauce entangled with the pork loin meat ... ...

Good compatibility with cabbage. Matsuya is rich in dressing, such as sesame dressing and barbecue sauce, but when you trim the special garlic sauce of thick-cut pork tea set meal, it seems that rice is going to advance so much that compatibility is outstanding.

Pork loin meat is increased to 150 grams, plenty of "thick cut pork tea set meal", but there are also twice as much pork tea and rice served or special salad W set meal (1120 yen including tax), so you want to eat snack You should be satisfied.

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