A nude loan called "nude runaway if money can not be returned" spreads among university students

In China, a loan whose outright interest rate was set under the condition that a "nude photograph" is taken in the debt katakana and "If you can not return the nude on the net"Nude loanThere are university students who sign contracts.

Nude pics as IOU: a new, risky online loan among Chinese university students - People's Daily Online

In China, People's Daily reports that online loans that are taken by kata in debt are spreading, especially for college students, with nude photos. In this "nude loan", instead of so-called borrowed letters (IOU), a form is taken in which money is borrowed after submitting a photograph with an ID card showing what thing is in the state of being naked , And the condition "to publish on the Internet when debt can not be repaid by the deadline" is granted. In addition, it seems that there are many cases where not only nude's IOU but also personal information such as family address and telephone number are requested.

A nude loan is an online loan with which a contract is established on the net, and lenders and borrowers meet with a chat service called QQ groupchats. There are many university students to users, and in the case of university students, it is possible to borrow money of up to 15,000 yuan (about 240,000 yen) on condition of 36 months payment. In addition, it is pointed out that there are many students who use nude loans due to payment of tuition.

Many students desperately repay their debts in fear of being exposed to nude, but repayment is often stalled due to high interest. According to the People's Daily, Mr. Lee Lee who had experience using nude loan once borrowed 500 yuan (about 8000 yen), it can not repay due to high interest of 30% per week and further nude · By the bicycle operation that borrows money from a loan and exercises on the spot, finally the debt amount has expanded to 55,000 yuan (about 890,000 yen).

Mr. Lili also has a friend who has experience of nude loans in the same way, but everyone is shy about being held a nude picture and never speaks to others. As a result of this situation, it seems that the nude loan requesting an illegal interest rate rings in the underground world, and it seems not to be lost easily.

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