Apple limits the performance of iPhone 7 / 7Plus modem chip

ByAaron Yoo

IPhone 7/7 Plus LTE modem chip has different performanceMade by Intel or QualcommEven though either is adopted, it turns out that Apple limits the download speed of a good Qualcomm chip of good performance.

Apple's Chip Choices May Leave Some iPhone Users in Slow Lane - Bloomberg

Yes, Apple is limiting some iPhone 7 download speeds. But you probably will not notice. - Recode

For the iPhone 7 series modem chip, Qualcomm's "Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem"Intel's"XMM 7360"Is installed and the model on which the chip is loaded depends on the communication carrier to be purchased. And analysis company of mobile equipmentTwin PrimeWhenCellular InsightsWhen I looked at the two chips, I know that the performance was nearly the same.

Below is a comparison of the download speeds of iPhone 7 of Intel model and Qualcomm model and Galaxy S 7 equipped with Qualcomm chip. Comparing with iPhone 7, the quality of the blue line's Qualcomm model is somewhat faster than the download speed, but Galaxy S7 with the same Qualcomm chip has recorded nearly twice the download speed. That is, Apple shows that it intentionally limits the performance of Qualcomm's chip.

To the contrary, Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said, "Data of stringent laboratory tests based on wireless industry standards, thousands of hours of field tests, test data by carrier partners, iPhone 7 models will have wireless performance It shows that there is no big difference. "

Apple was up to the iPhone 6s series, modem chip for Qualcomm alone supply, but we switched from iPhone 7 series to Intel plus multiple supplies. It seems that there was aim of dispersing risk by reducing costs by promoting market competition and diversifying parts suppliers. Although it was concerned that quality might be different depending on the installed modem chip by using multiple supply, Apple intentionally took the option of "matching two kinds of modem chips to low speed" It is a pattern.

In the United States, the iPhone 7 series sold by AT & T as a communication carrier becomes an Intel model, and when it is Verizon it becomes a Qualcomm model. Only the Qualcomm model is supplied in Japan.

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