I tried to pray at the Simala Parish Church, a miracle church in Cebu, Philippines, where people who make a wish continue

In the Philippine resort island · Cebu island, a wish will come true a miracle church "Simala Parish Church (Shimara Church)"there is. Since it is said that you can go by bus from Cebu City, I prayed expecting that a miracle will come and visit at once.

To Shimara Church, take a bus from the Cebu City / South Bus Terminal.

The location of the South Bus Terminal is here.

I took a bus for about 2 hours and arrived at "Simala". The bus fare was 70 pesos (about 150 yen).

In addition, the bus stop you get off is the intersection in the map below.

When you get off the bus, you will move by tricycle or motorcycle to Shimara church. Because there are many people heading for Shimara church, I let them share the tricycle. In addition, the tricycle can ride up to six people.

Arrived in Shimarakka in about ten minutes. The price of a tricycle riding with five people was 20 pesos (about 44 yen) per person.

Go through the gate ......

The enormous huge Shimara church appears in the eyes.

It seems to go up the stairs to the church.

There is also a dress code. It is caution that the rough shape like shorts and sandals is not similar.

The Shimara church consists of buildings like a castle.

At the stairs there was a photo shoot party.

Pond in the garden.

There is a rocky mountain where a waterfall flows.

Unfortunately there was no water running on this day.

Walking path to the church. I am amazed by the overwhelming scale.

A lot of buildings that are fun just to look at.

Children were playing tags at the landings in the corridor.

The dog is also dozing slowly.

A perfect castle scenery.

Because the Shimara church is on a small mountain top, the scenery is outstanding.

You can also check the east coast of Cebu.

In the back of the church ......

Building a new building. The Shimara Church, which continues to expand still, still has the Philippine "Sagrada FamiliaFeeling.

Looking back on the road ......

On the slope lawn "WE LOVE MAMA MARY" letters.

Unfortunately, the stairs leading to the garden were closed on this day.

The corridor in front of the church curves.

Anyway, because it is overwhelming scale, people who like buildings are sure to be satisfied just by looking at the building.

We went round the corridor and arrived at the entrance of the church.

When entering church ......

The scene of the masterpiece in the middle.

Beautiful ceiling.

Beyond the chapel ......

There was a statue of Mary.

Filipino who is cheerful and talkative, but no one makes noises in the church.

I am praying in the serenity.

Jesus Christ crucified.

The light entering from the stained glass made the chapel more fantastic.

Leaving the chapel and walking in the right direction ... ...

The candle is lit.

One candle is 5 pesos (about 11 yen)

Self-style money is put in a box.

I will light such a candle.

When going backwards ......

Christ lying.

A variety of Jesus statues and Maria statues are decorated.

Going further back ... ...

Arrived at the museum. In addition, the inside of the hall is strictly prohibited. I take off the shoes at the entrance.

At the entrance of the museum ......

Wheelchairs and crutches are displayed in large quantities.

The Shimara church is a church known as "a wish come true miracle church".

In the Philippines it is a style opposite to Japan, that is to offer money and donate after a wish has come true. As a result of praying for the recovery of illness at Shimara Church, it seems that the people who cured it will donate various things after the incident.

I found people in the back row.

At the end of the row there was a person who prayed.

Even within the museum, we are dedicating prayers there.

There was also a space to write your wishes on paper.

Go down further and you will find the stairs.

As I climb the stairs and walk down the corridor ......

I came across a queue.

If you do not know the translation and are in line ... ...

Statue of Malia on the end of the row. This statue of Maria is located just behind Maria statue of chapel.

I can only pray this statue of Mary for less than 10 seconds. If you try to stay for a long time, you will be urged by security guards to go ahead.

Even though I left the line, people who prayed were continuing.

An exhibition space ahead of Maria statue.

The story of the prophet Ingko Niyong who preached the necessity of Shimara church was exhibited in paintings.

In the back is a museum area. The statue of Christ will welcome you at the entrance.

More than 50 figures of Maria.

Maria statue lying in a glass case.

This is an African Statue of Malia.

Statue of Malia in China ... ....

Of course, you can see various Malia statues such as Statue of Mary in the Philippines, all around the world.

Beautiful ceiling decoration and ... ...

I will take my eyes off my prayer space without thinking. At the Semara Church of St. Mary 's Church, we could worship Mary in everywhere, and the appearance of people praying with prayer in this place was impressive.

By the way, at Shimara Church, meals are served for poor children on the 13th of every month.

When I left the museum, there was a souvenir shop.

A mug of 150 pesos (about 330 yen)

Malia statue is also on sale.

In the back of the souvenir space, colorful candles were lit.

This is "COLORED CANDLE", wishes come true candles. The color is determined by wishes, the price is 35 pesos (about 78 yen)

I bought a yellow candle in hopes of "peace".

The spectacular scales of the Shimara church were not only Filipinos but also Catholics, it was a calming and relaxing place that will accept everyone.

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