The interstellar navigation of the alien of SF movie "message" has been verified at a very high level, and it was theoretical physicist who supervised that Mathematica creator Stephen Wolfram

It is common for PC screens that appear when people set as "programmers" in movies and dramas are totally random or mathematical formulas are appropriate. However, the movie "2017"Message (original title: Arrival), The production team is a theoretical physicist seeking realityMathematicaI am also the author ofStephen WolframI asked Mr. Cooperation. Mr. Wolfram received this offer to bring "the best science" to the movie.

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The outline of "message" is as follows.

A huge spherical spaceship suddenly landed on the ground. Louise, a linguist hired by the military to communicate with a mysterious intellectual life body and will, will explore what "they" are trying to convey to humankind. Waiting for Louise who knew the mystery, it is the last message to mankind who has beautiful and cruel insanity.

Mr. Wolfram is watching science fiction movies, "I may have made it over 10 billion yen, but I always thought that there were several mistakes that could be corrected just by looking at a little more detailed human beings" is. Meanwhile, from the production team of the movie "Message" to Mr. Wolfram, "The mysterious intellectual life enters the Earth, but what should I do with" interstellar navigation ", the spacecraft realizing" interstellar navigation " What kind of thing is it? "There was unusual contact. Drama"Number files genius mathematician incident file"Mr. Wolfram, who had experience in charge of all mathematics overseen in Season 6, was a busy time, but as I read the script, it was an interesting work," I can do as much as possible "best science" I thought that "I could weave it", I decided to take on work.

Speaking of a solid work of supervision, for exampleKip Thorn of theoretical physicist supervises mathematical expressions such as "gravity in 4 dimensions and 5 dimensions" and "solution of Einstein equation"did"Interstellar"Is known.

"A formula given by a miracleIn mathematiciansMandur BargavaWith Mr.Ken OnoMr. Mr. joined as an associate producer and was in charge of supervision of mathematical aspects.

"Jurassic ParkIn the paleontologistJack HornerMr. Horner is in charge of supervision of technology, Mr. Horner also became a model of Dr. Alan Grant who is the main character.

A computer scientist who was called "father of artificial intelligence" for a long timeMarvin MinskyMr"2001 Space JourneyHe also served as an advisor at the same time as a computer scientistEdward FredkinDr. movie "1983"War GameIt is becoming a model of Dr. Falken who developed artificial intelligence which appears in "

However, it is also common that the source code appearing in the work is completely bullshit or the mathematical expression is meaningless. Mr. Wolfram worked on "message" as a wonderful set of designs pushed "good work" to "great work", a wonderful argument was to increase the value of the work.

Mr. Wolfram and his son, Christopher, thought, "What will we analyze and what will we calculate if it happens in reality?" So, we got raw data from film production team, and from the list of points where aliens landed, "What is that trend?", From the shape of the spacecraft "What is that meaning?", From the alien's handwriting "What do you mean Is it? "Analyzed it. In analyzing, programming language developed by Mr. Wolfram ·Wolfram languageWas used. In the Wolfram language you can include any object, such as images and documents in your code, and you can instantly build visualization and analysis with code.

An example shows such a feeling, a landing point of an alien on the map.

This is an alien 's handwriting.

Also, as to what part of "What kind of technology could alien people be able to come to earth"? Even if "interstellar navigation" itself was not drawn in a part not directly related to the main work of the work Although it was not, Mr. Wolfram incorporated it by thinking that it can make it a realistic setting simply by adding a little "hack" to existing physics.

Speaking in detail, the linguist Louise of the hero scene in front of physicist Ian Donnelly and white board, the formula written on the white board was written by Mr. Wolfram on request. Mr. Wolfram said that he normally does not write it on the whiteboard, but he says that he wrote that "When I think of the interstellar ship, this is written when Donnelly thought." In addition, although the image below was published by Mr. Wolfram on his blog, what was further rewritten in the movie is used.

Drawing the world precisely, I drew out the everyday and unusual nature of characters living in that cornerAs a work, the movie "Into this corner of the world" has been released from 12th November 2016, but in the same way movies "Messages" have been compiled firmly and convincing depictions are being done You can expect.

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