To the trump victory Movie summarizing in large-scale demo by shouting "We reject the presidential election!", "Not my president!"

Americans who refuse to "celebrate President Trump" or "Fuck Donald Trump" and start refusing to win President Trump will start a march in protests and enter an emergencyHowever, even if more than a whole day has passed, its momentum has not declined, is expanding rapidly,Thousands of people across the countryAnd it is increasing further.

To New York's ridiculous scale demo.

In Auckland too many people protested, so the police tried to stop the crowd but could not stop at all.

In order to scatter people, the police finally shoot the tear gas bullet.

Meanwhile, in front of New York 's so-called "trump tower", people who protested crowds gathered completely, and the whole area was completely immovable.

Before the trump tower, we are in a state of caution.There was a shoot near the protest demonstrationIt is up to the report saying.

People in New York marching by shouting "We reject the presidential election!" After that, 16 people were arrested.

Even Seattle has confirmed the update of the protest demonstration screaming "It is not my president!"

Protest in Portland

This is Minneapolis

Protest in Baltimore, Maryland

Storm of protest at Louisville in western Kentucky

At Milwaukee, Wisconsin, marching while crying "Note Lamp! No KKK! No-Resist USA!"

Conclusion Movie also appears

Burning the American flag, crashing with police and arresting, still never stopping, the scale is steadily growing

It is wrapped in an atmosphere like how many nations in the United States are raging with tremendous momentum, even in the civil war broke out

Even in the morning protests did not stopIt was reported as news. This is about 6 am.

High school students who did not have voting rights are also starting to participate. This is San Francisco.

Protest also broke out at Santa Clara's high school, "I am not my president!"

"I will never forget 9/11, and 11/9 is a day of regret"

According to Google trends in the United States, "How did the playing cards win?" "Why is this?" "How did Clinton lose?"

Also, from other than the United States "How old is Donald Trump?" "Who is Donald Trump?" "Who is the President of the USA?" "How did Donald Trump won?" "Is Donald Trump a President? Google trend reports when the search phrase "??" Is the top 5, the degree of confusion is becoming extremely high.

President Cardinal himself said to the demonstrators, "It was a very open and successful presidential election, the protests that are occurring now are instigated by professionals including the media, they are extremely unfair!" I will.

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