The electronic voting system used for the presidential election in the United States is running on a Windows XP machine and it is pointed out that it may be hacked

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At last it is America's presidential election to show excitement as of the voting day of November 8, 2016, but the risk that fraud is done against the "electronic voting" of the voting system adopted in some states complained It is done.

In the following movie, the actor'sZachary · QuintHe is alarming the possibility of corruption of the electronic balloting system.

Zachary Quinto Explains How To Hack An Election | WIRED - YouTube

Explain what you need to know about hacking to electronic balloting system.

Quint is said that the electronic balloting system is too vulnerable as the voting day of the US presidential election approaches on November 8, 2016. So what is the problem with the electronic balloting system?

Most machines running the electronic voting system are using Windows XP. Microsoft has stopped providing security patches to Windows XP since April 2014, and from the security point of view it is obvious that the Windows XP machine is not secure.

These Windows XP machines are "Bush vs. Goa's presidential election counting votesIt was installed after ".

Of course, there has never been any fraud in the electronic voting system in the election of the United States.

However, it is pointed out by security experts that the Windows XP machine running the electronic voting system is easily infected with malware, the possibility that the system is hacked and hinders the voting.

Hacking to such an electronic balloting system is not fantasy.In April 2016 it turned out that the electronic voting machine in Virginia State was in a condition that it was easily hackeddoing.

According to a security researcher, even a person without special expertise was able to change the voting result without being noticed by anyone at a distance of 800 meters in radius.

Even if it is an extreme case, it can not be said that it is a rare case that can hardly happen.

There is good news about the electronic balloting system.

It means that it does not rely solely on the electronic balloting system. One third of the states are voting on paper.

Only five states - Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, New Jersey - are exclusively employing an electronic voting system called Direct Record Electronic (DRE).

In order to be able to investigate what kind of voting system the state in which the resident lives,Verifiedvoting.comInformation on what kind of voting system each state adopts is released.

In any case, it is good news that there is no precedent for fraud by the electronic voting system.

Even better, the states in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are considering switching to a more reliable electronic voting system.

Nonetheless, the possibility of fraud using an electronic voting system will never be zero.

In the 2016 US presidential election with Hilary candidate kept in the dominant state, the situation of Hilary candidate 's e - mail problem recurring and Mr. Trump becoming too thin due to opinion poll it is continuing. According to a security expert, the electronic voting system works best in a situation of close battle. If there is too much change there is a great danger of fraud being found, so the more it is the close battle, the easier the fraud in the electronic voting system will succeed. It seems that American citizens need to pay attention to whether the electronic voting system will not be fraudulent in the presidential election of the great battle in recent years.

By the way,The candidate for cards is fighting allegation that "cheating is being done in the election"However, it is criticized that it is "unfounded delusion" mainly in American major media. However, while only 17% of supporters of the Democratic Party believe that fraud is being done by electronic balloting, 73% of Republican supporters believe that the candidate for the cards will be lost due to the electronic voting system fraudPolitico's findingsThere is also. Even if either candidate in Hillary or playing cards gets victorious, the suspicion that Americans have against the electronic voting system is deeply rooted and there is a possibility that the voice calling for reform of the system may be raised.

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