[Cosplay photo summary] Contest by beautiful and cool overseas cosplayers with a prize of 2.5 million yen

At Blizzard's event 'Blizzcon 2016 ' held in Anaheim, USA, a world tournament of e-sports with a total prize of over 100 million yen and a game presentation were held and it was very exciting. One of the highlights of Blizzcon 2016 is the gorgeous cosplay contest by users. I have taken a picture of the cosplay contest where the winner will be given a prize of about 2.5 million yen, so I summarized it.

Costume Contest --BlizzCon 2016

Cosplay contest held at Blizzcon 2016. First of all, the Blizzcon contest will be held, and a global contest will be held in which the winners and the winners of the competitions held in each region of the world will compete.

Steven Scott, a complete reproduction

of the Glomash Health Cream (World of Warcraft ), won first place in the Blizzcon contest.

The costume, which took about a year to make, is very well designed in detail.

In the victory interview, the polite character of Scott was shown in the words, and the gap with the costume made the venue a lot of excitement.

Second place is Oshley O'Neill, who cosplayed as Varian (WoW).

O'Neill pushed up his sword at the highest and became a Varian.

Third place is Cynthia Hall, who cosplayed as a glittering Ern (WoW).

The design of the canes and costumes is spectacular.

It seems that when you decide on a pose, you really jumped out of the game.

Alicia Belemy, who cosplayed as Arthur (WoW), finished 4th.

The quality of the helmet and armor is amazing, but ...

I was most surprised by the sword that generated smoke. When the sword was held and smoke came out, the venue was filled with cheers.

Now that the winner of the Blizzcon contest has been decided, it's time for a global contest.

Overwatch Zarya.

Overwatch Genji.

Diablo of 'Diablo 3'.

It is reproduced even with the level of fear that seems to come out in a dream.

When the winners of each region gather, the winners of the global contest will be announced. The winner was Steven Scott of Gromash Health Cream.

You can see the photos of the people who didn't win the 4th place in the Blizzcon cosplay contest below.

WoW Varian ...

WoW and Overwatch cosplay, such as Overwatch McCree, are popular.

Some people do large-scale cosplay, which may be beyond the scope of cosplay.

Although I didn't win a prize, the quality is so great that I can see that every cosplay was created with attention to detail.

It is important to be a character in order to appeal to the audience. Participants will decide the pose of each character.

Some people show a tense look. The venue is packed with more than 1000 spectators just by looking at it, so it seems reasonable to be nervous.

If you become a character and show a flashy pose, the audience will be excited.

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