Why was born "a hidden fifth coin" not appearing on the screen with Super Mario 64?

In Super Mario 64, there is a "fifth coin" in which only one of the coins placed is out of sight normally. A person who explored thoroughly appeared where on earth the coins went, and why such a thing happens.

A New Impossible Coin - YouTube

The reason I pursued this problem is a person who is active under the ID "pannenkeok2012" in YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, etc. An account called "UncommentatedPannen" in which this video is uploaded is said to be a subaccount.

First of all as a premise, in Super Mario 64 "Coin straight in line" will always appear as a set of 5 pieces.

There are many stages in Super Mario 64, but there is no exception in "Set of five coins straight side by side".

However, there is only one part where there are only 4 straight coins on "Decaji" course of "Chibi Island island".

Pannenkeok2012 Mr. Mr. Pannenkeok2012 said that the type of coin appearing in Super Mario 64 is "five horizontally and horizontally (type 0)" "eight in the ground and in the ring shape (type 2)" and "eight in the arrow shape 4) "" In the aerial · Linearly horizontally 5 (Type 16) "" Aerial · Linearly vertically 5 (Type 17) "" Aerial · Ring like horizontal 8 (Type 18) "" Aerial / ring shaped There are seven of eight vertical (type 19) ". There is no pattern showing four coins, and you can see that the coin of the island is type 0.

So where did the fifth coin disappear? Mr. pannenkeok2012 thought, "Did it disappear beyond Death Ballia?", But even if you move the viewer spinning around, you do not see any coins anywhere. By the way, Death Barrier is a wall that is different from walls and floors, the invisible wall behind the stage.

Here, in order to know what is occurring, you can see what the object slot is in real timeSTROOPYou need to use a tool called.

When you come to the place of the problem coin, four coins are loaded and displayed as shown on the STROOP screen on the left side.

At the same time, we can check the presence of the fifth coin. However, this screen shows that "the fifth coin was loaded and immediately unloaded".

Pannenkeok2012 uses hacks to show the fifth coin before being unloaded. Why is this 5th coin unloaded?

What was indicated as "S" on the screen is the cooking point. When Mario approaches within 2000 units, five coins are generated from this boiling point. The position of the generated coin is 300 units above the boiling point, and each coin is 160 units apart.

Since coin of type 0 is supposed to "go out to the ground", first check the height of the position where the coin falls with reference to the coin's unit of 78 units as a reference.

A comparison is made between this height and the height of the lowest position (coin bottom center) when coin occurs. In this five coins it is "49 units down from the ground", "11 units up", "71 units up", "130 units up", "190 units up". And here is a failsafe that "coins lower than the ground are unloaded" is prepared. In other words, "coins 49 units down from the ground" are unloaded.

The remaining four coins fall to where they should fall, and the first image we saw "four coins in line" is completed.

This is where I saw the point by changing the viewpoint of the camera. Utilizing hacks, visualizing the boiling point of the coin and setting up a sign, there are certainly boiling spots under the second coin from the top.

In Super Mario 64, all the boiling points except this one point were set up on the ground or in the air.

In other words, only this point is a special boiling point, fail-safe which does not work elsewhere works.

If the boiling point of this coin is over 50 units, the fifth coin will also normally appear on the ground.

On the other hand, if the boiling point is 29 units less, next time the fourth coin from the front is caught fail-safe and disappears.

And then the fifth coin will pass through Death Barrier, so it will appear on the lower floor.

By the way, "Chibi Island island" has almost the same topography, there are two types of "enemy size" and "scale" which differ in scale. Although the disappearance of coins this time is "decka", in fact, even in "Tibidama", there is a situation in which only four coins are displayed.

However, coin which "Chibijima" disappeared is not unloaded, but can be confirmed if the viewpoint is moved. It was a famous one published on the information site sm64.com as "there are coins that can not be taken" in 2002.

Super Mario 64: Impossible Coin Veiw (check discription) - YouTube

This "Coin that can not be taken" was finally taken over in 1814, after 18 years since game release in 2014. That movie has been played over 1.7 million times on YouTube. By the way, I took pannenkeok2012.

SM64 - Collecting the Impossible Coin - YouTube

Pannenkeok 2012 who thought that a similar coin disappearance occurs in the same place on the two islands is somewhat wrong ... ... began exploring the fundamental reasons. And the conclusion reached is "Slope X hypothesis".

This is where I saw the part of the coin disappeared from the side. Green is the terrain in the game, there is a slope L which loosely goes to the left hand side at the apex and a slope R which goes down to the right hand side. However, Mr. Pannenkeok 2012 thought that the development was carried out as a slope X indicated by a red line.

At the top of this slope there is a hole where the rolling falling bowling balls boil. At present, the slope L rolls down to the left, but if it is slope X, the ball will roll to the right.

Probably, the ball was originally planned to roll to the right, it will roll to the left due to some opportunity, the inclination X will be divided into the inclination L and the inclination R, pannenkeok 2012 Guess.

However, since the inclination L is set as a very small inclination for rolling the ball, the inclination R becomes unnecessarily steep as much.

It seems that the triangle rocks are visible as it is probably as a result of the rock shelf that was present at the slope X being scraped.

However, this is the hypothesis of Mr. pannenkeok2012 to the last, only the fact that there is a "coin that can not be taken" exists. Mr. pannenkeok2012 immediately tried to take the coin up to the position of the coin using a hack that warps to the coin position but impossible and also could not make the boiling position high, made a clone of "coin-boiling point" Even though it did not function, after cloning the coin itself from being unloaded, nothing happened. It seems that it was impossible to obtain this 5th coin except to change the height of the boiled point with the hack mentioned above.

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