Pokemon GO held the first in-game event "Halloween Festival", raised the number of Americas and rare Pokemon appearance

As the Halloween season approaches, a lot of Halloween-related events are held throughout the country, and in 2016 people who are dressed in various costumes are likely to overflow throughout the city. "Pokemon GO" which is popular as a game for mobile also holds a Halloween event and doubles the amount of Ame got when you catch Pokemon, and increases the appearance rate of some monsters.

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween with "Pokémon GO"! | 'Pokémon GO' official website

Details of Pokemon GO's Halloween event can be confirmed from the following movie.

Pokémon GO - Halloween Is Approaching ... - YouTube

Hokkaido is coming to the world of Pokemon GO, so the appearance rate of some monsters of Pokemon GO will rise. Pokemon that becomes easy to appear is as follows. However, since the following Pokemon was listed as "an example of Pokemon that makes it easier to appear" on the official website, there is a possibility that there are Pokemons that increase the appearance rate besides these.

· Gorbat

· Goth


· Ginger



Also, during the Halloween event, the number of amps that can be picked up when Pokemon is captured is increased to six times as much as usual, the number of amps that can be received when sent to Dr. Willow is increased to two, and the number of amids that the buddy Pokemon finds is increased to four is.

Pokemon GO's Halloween event is from October 26 th to 20 th November 2016. It seems to be exciting to play Pokemon GO with Satoshi's cosplay.

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