Arab Castle that can be used for free and free of charge More than 300 sheets of material pictures can be downloaded for a limited time

300 pictures of the castle and the fortress that were photographed within the scorching sun more than 40 degrees in the absolute monarchic state of the Middle East - Oman, over 400 MBMANGA Material StudioIt is available free for a limited time only. Processing · tracing · commercial use etc are also possible.

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Three buttons in the notation "\ 0" on the right side of the screen are for downloading pictures of Ghibest Castle, Nizwa Fort (Fort 1), Bahara Fort (Fort 2) from the top. The file is heavy and it is divided into three.

Photos can be obtained free if you login with pixiv ID.

So, one example of the photos of Jibeleen Castle, Nizwa Fort and Bahara Fort is as follows. Both size is 3264 × 1836. In addition, because there are photos taken with smartphones, some of the pictures are blurred, but they are inserted as is for the material.

The entrance to Jibeleine Castle looks like this.

The interior is a dome-shaped ceiling.

Roof part.

Looking down the colonnade it feels like the following.

Landscape from the rooftop. It seems that the colonnade can be seen from the part where the middle person exists.

Another room. The ceiling is wooden here.

The ceiling fades over time, but it is luxury to make you feel the vividness of the past.

There are no sofas and so on, carpets and cushions are placed on the ground.

Bookshelf is a unique shape.

A state of looking up at the colonnade.

In addition, dishes and cooking utensils are lining up.

Lantern was also placed.

Next, I will look at the photograph of the fort called Nizwa Fort. The first thing that appeared was the building where a lot of hanging pots were hanging.

There was a cannon near the fort.

The entrance door is like this.

Welcome to "Nizwa Fort", things like maps are drawn.

A fort extending along the road.

The building looks like this.

Here are decorations and ...

Material pictures such as books are also included.

A treasure box decorated with a bowl.

Vivid clothes were in it.

State of the room.

A window with a grid.

It is a structure that vertical and horizontal grids pass through holes that are mutually adjacent.

It looks like when you leave the room. It is making a lot of steps and steps.

The following pictures were taken of the inside of the fort with panorama.

This is outside the fortress.

Go inside the door.

I am continuing to the basement.

The bench with the wheel and the table with the indentation in the middle may be for meal to see from the table set in the back.

Another last fort, Bahara Fort.

This is also made with many stairs and steps, it is likely to be an accident if you step out.

Boundary with the outside world.

The stairs are as thin as people can pass by.

Looking at the landscape with panorama is like this.

It looks like a stone maze.

Inside appearance.

The door is wooden and there are handles in a slightly lower position.

The key was also a unique structure.

You can feel the whole atmosphere of the local area by looking at the data of 343 sheets in total and over 400 MB in one stroke. Since there are many things from panoramic shot scenery to close-up photos of detailed places, it seems to be very useful as a document.

Although secondary distribution / secondary processing distribution of photographs is impossible, processing, tracing, commercial use, etc. are possible.

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