The 32 GB model of iPhone 7 turned out to be 8 times slower writing speed than other models

As a result of comparing the memory write speeds of iPhone 7's 32GB model and 256GB model, we found that storage write speed is much slower with 32GB model than other capacity model.

Tests Show 32GB iPhone 7 Models Have 8X Slower Data Write Speeds Than Other Capacities - Mac Rumors

In the 32GB model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, storage performance is inferior to the 128GB model · 256 GBGSMArenaAlthough it reported, the actual numerical value was confirmed. You can see a movie comparing the storage performance of two iPhones 7 that actually have different storage capacities from the following.

IPhone 7 - What Apple Does not Want You To Know - YouTube

Unbox Therapy who is doing video review of hardware and gadgets appeared. On the desk is a 32GB model and a 256GB model iPhone 7 lined up.

When we loaded the same test application on two iPhones 7 and verified the storage reading speed and writing speed, the writing speed of the 256 GB model was "341 MB / second" and the reading speed was "856 MB / second" The writing speed of the 32 GB model is "42 MB / second", the reading speed is "686 MB / second". Although the reading speed was not so different, it turned out that the writing speed is 8 times slower in the 32 GB model.

In addition, when measuring the speed of writing Star Wars movies to iPhone 7 from iTunes with a USB cable, it was about 2 minutes 34 seconds in the 256 GB model ......

It was about 3 minutes and 39 seconds with 32GB, there was an opening of 1 minute or more.

About this result,How-to Geek"The capacity of large SSDs will allow more controllers to access NAND flash memories, so performance is often better than smaller SSDs."

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