Benchmark · Battery comparison graphs such as Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Graph & Camera Image quality comparison is like this

The event held on October 5 by GoogleMade By Google"Google's new smartphone announced in"Google Pixel"is. The release date in Japan is unknown Google Pixel, but overseas media gets the real machine at once and compares benchmark results and battery performance with competing terminals released at the same time.

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◆ Benchmark result
First, the total performance of the terminal is set to "Geekbench 3"Kraken"Octane 2.0From the results compared with competing smartphones by converting into numerical values ​​by three benchmark tests. What was prepared as a comparison target was "Snapdragon 820 loaded"OnePlus 3"Galaxy S 7" with Synsung's Exynos 8890, "Galaxy S 6" with Synthung Exynos 7420, "Nexus 6 P" with Snapdragon 810, "iPhone 7 Plus" with Apple's A 10 Fusion chip Platform

· Geekbench 3
The benchmark results of Geekbench 3 which is a cross platform platform processor benchmark test application are as follows. The four bars indicate "Overall (total score: orange)" "Floating point (floating point calculation: red)" "Integer (integer operation: green)" "Memory (memory performance: blue)".

The single-core benchmark test results are shown in the graph below, with iPhone 7 Plus hitting the overwhelming score in all four items. Google Pixel is about the same overall score as OnePlus 3.

When it comes to multicore scores, the highest total score is Galaxy S 7 with a score of "6277". Below, it follows "6081" of iPhone 7 Plus, "5606" of OnePlus 3, "5304" of Google Pixel.

GPU performance tested with the screen turned off scores below. Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, OnePlus 3 are top with the same score.

The following score is the result of GPU performance tested with the screen on. Turning on the screen seems to make OnePlus 3 a little better with score.

· Kraken
He is the developer of FirefoxMozillaThe results of comparing the scores by "Kraken" of the JavaScript benchmark that is released are as follows. The lower the score, the better it is, the result that the iPhone 7 Plus is superb.

· Octane 2.0
The results of measuring the score with Octane 2.0 which is a benchmark software made by Google are as follows. It is a benchmark software made by Google, but the score that iPhone 7 Plus separates more than twice is given out.

◆ Battery performance comparison
The following graph compares how much batteries the Google Pixel has with competing smartphones such as iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 under the same conditions. When comparing the battery performance, turn off the brightness adjustment function, set the screen brightness to 200 nits, turn on Wi-Fi and test how much battery you have while browsing.

The best score was "803" of iPhone 7 Plus. After that, "770" of Galaxy S 7, "726" of iPhone 7, "719" of Moto G 4 Plus, etc. are followed. The Google Pixel score is "600", the 8th overall, Google Pixel XL score is ranked 6th with "645", and you can see that the battery performance is not so high.

Similarly, the graph below compares the battery driving time when the terminal screen brightness was set to 200 nits and the WebGL test was continued. Under this condition, the score of Google Pixel is "345", the 6th overall, the score of Google Pixel XL is ranked fourth in "368".

◆ Photo comparison
DxOMark scoring and reviewing the cameraAlthough it is Google Pixel which recorded the highest score in the past, it is as follows as compared with the picture by the conflict smartphone in fact. The comparison was made on the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S 7 edge, with the pictures taken from the top (or left) in the order of iPhone 7 · Google Pixel · Galaxy S 7 edge taken.

Google Pixel is superior to other smartphone cameras in particularDynamic range. Pictures taken with Google Pixel are outstanding in the white flower subject of the subject.

In this picture the bright part and the dark part are reflected at the same time, but it does not look like there is no big difference.

The Verge is evaluating that the color tone seems to be the best for the Galaxy S 7 edge.

Cut the photo and compare the fineness. Pictures of Google Pixel are caught up to the petal's wrinkles firmly.

Compare shooting in a situation that is getting a bit dark.

Furthermore, we compared those taken in the dark after sunset. It looks like it will hardly change, but Google Pixel has noise in the sky.

Example of shooting after sunset Part 2.

And compare the front camera. The pictures taken with the iPhone 7 showed strong yellow and green color, and the color tone seems to be the best for the Galaxy S 7 edge, The Verge.

In addition, it is much better to see how much the Google Pixel camera is excellent by following articles.

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