The world's first tournament "Cybathlon" will be held worldwide where athletes unafforded by the lower body wear a robot suit and clear the harsh obstacles

In recent years, robot suits have undergone remarkable evolution, such as people wearing robot suits controlled by their own lower body irrigation, allowing them to walk. Competition to clear multiple obstacles using that robot suit "Cybathlon"Was held on 6th October 2016 in the world for the first time in Zurich, Switzerland.

At the World's First Cybathlon, Proud Cyborg Athletes Raced for the Gold - IEEE Spectrum

There are six types of obstacles on Cybathlon's race tracks: "Sitting on a chair and standing up" "Slalom" "Stepping stones" "Stairs".

The state of the Cybathlon 2016 tournament can be confirmed in the following movie.

Cybathlon 2016: Exoskeleton Race

An athlete going brilliantly between Paul.

Carefully step on the stepping stones.

It is easy to imagine that you have a large equipment on your back and you need a considerable physical strength.

The referee who checks whether obstacles are cleared correctly or the support staff prepared for a fall in case should be serious.

Up and down stairs which are big difficulty.

The goal is about to come.

At the moment when crossing the goal line, we are raising the joy of delight.

The championship winner bites a gold medal. There was a fierce battle not to be defeated by the Olympic Games.

In the world's first Cybathlon, there were 16 team entries from all over the world, but when the course layout was announced, eight teams in half were abstaining. Although it is too harsh Cybathlon, the organizerXPrize FoundationSays that he wishes to promote the advancement of technology with the driving force of severe competition.

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