Cyber ​​attacks were confusing nuclear power plants


International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) Secretary GeneralAmano KuniyaIn the past few years, he told German media that cyber attacks had caused confusion in nuclear power plants. Mr. Amano avoided mentioning the details of the content of the cyber attack, specifically, when and where the confusion occurred, "We said that" facilities and activities related to nuclear energy are being attacked by cyber attacks We have to warn seriously that "nuclear power plants are attacked by the hands of hackers" is no longer an imaginary risk.

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Malware to industrial control systemSCADAAnd providing services to protect industrial control systems (ICS)MalCrawler"CEO Duwan Choudori said about cyber attacks aimed at facilities related to nuclear energy," It is too early to identify what happens, as there is too little information about the attacks. " I will. Mr. Chodori who says "There is a possibility of malware and possibility of attack by randomness", Mr. Chodori said that although Mr. Chodori, about the events several years ago, Mr. Amano, secretary general of the IAEA, I told the public that it will help people to perceive cyber security and nuclear issues related to the future. On the other hand, I was not surprised by the fact that cyber attacks were taking place towards nuclear power plants, revealing my thought that "it will be more frequent than people think".

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According to Mr. Chodori,ICS-CERT(Cyber ​​Emergency Response Team of the Industrial Control System) submitted in the annual report of 2015, 295 institutions involved in government-related organizations that became the target of cyber attack and the emergency response was innocently continued It was written that it was much larger than 46 cases of energy facilities that were many. Also, if a cyber attack occurs at an American power plant, it must be reported to the government, but in the case of overseas, there is no need to report that "There was a cyber attack" for the whole world Also, Mr. Chodori notes that information disclosure is not done enough now. Mr. Amano said "We do not know if we know" all "or" one part of the iceberg, "and it is not merely a sign that cyber attacks have so far been nuclear There are many possibilities that it was done to the power plant.

Actually, as an example of the government-related facility becoming a cyber attack, it is a case that 1.4 million households were out of power in the city of western Ukraine on 23 December 2015. As a result of ICS-CERT's investigation, the blackouts later called "BlackEnergy"Trojan horseIt turned out that it was the cause.

1.4 million households outage due to cyber attacks on power companies - GIGAZINE

Also, in the UKRoyal Institute of International AffairsPrior to one case in Ukraine, "The risk of cyber attack on nuclear power plants is remarkably highSubmitted a report saying "I am. Many nuclear reactors were old, and the system pointed out "not secure".

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