Users who eat vomiting stick type portable soilent "Soylent Bar" successively

A stick-type portable Soilent which can nutritely supply nutritiously anywhere, "Soylent (Soilent)" a complete nutritional diet "Soylent Bar (Soireent Bar)We released the. Reports that vomiting occurred from users who ate that soap bars are on the rise one after another, so also Soliant is being chased by investigation of cause and repayment.

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This is Sorento Bar. It is a handy soil with palm size.

Soyento Bar, which consumes 12.5% ​​of nutrients per day,IsomaltuloseAs I am using a sweetener called sweetener, it looks like a sweet finish.

Soilent is appealing as best for afternoon snack time as well.

Although it is a soleent bar that appeared rumored, the first complaint was posted to the official forum when two months have passed since its release. Many users appealing claims complained of abdominal pain or vomiting after several hours of eating Sorent bars. Many users who love the soil bars are Soirent fans, not only the soleent bar but alsoSoilrent 2.0We also used other soil products such as, but as I got more than 30 reports, it was apparent that the soil bars were the cause.

The bulletin board Reddit also has a thread on health injuries caused by the Sirento bar, and various opinions are being exchanged. Because there are many people who have nothing to do with food allergies so far, it is pointed out that the health damage of the soil bars is not a matter of materials, but may be a problem in the manufacturing process.

The victim, Raylingh, gathered information on the manufacturing date and specific code displayed on the package of the Silent Bar which caused the problem from the victim's writing to the thread, and it is called "14 JUL 17 F 3 1966" It points out that there is a problem with the soil bars with printing.

Raylingh is uploading a photo of the problematic Soil Bars at hand. By the way, the sticky yellow residue attached to the package is not the cause.

Together with the information that has been rising so far, it is likely that the health damage of the soil bars is limited to products manufactured under specific conditions, so it is considered to be a problem at the manufacturing stage. According to the bulletin board writing, it is soilent which initially showed no special reaction to the damage report, but now it actively responds, it responds to collection and refund of products. In addition, Sorrent says that the claim rate in products sold so far is only 0.03%.

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In October 2016 the powder mix was discontinued and the protein bar was recalled but the cause of nausea and abdominal pain is in algae used as one of the ingredients, the manufacturer's Rosa Foods Bloomberg of the news site reported that I thought. Rosa Foods plans to manufacture algae-free products in the future, and the new blended powder mix & protein bar will be announced in early 2017.

Powder with algae is a relatively new ingredient that has become used for vegetarian food as a substitute for butter and eggs. There is usually no harm to the human body, but some people show allergy to vegetable protein. Regarding this one case, Benjamin Chapman of North Carolina State University, an expert on food safety, said, "When new formulated foods are made, especially when foodstuffs that have not yet spread widely are used in general We should test carefully considering risk. "

Soylent Thinks It Found What Was Making People Sick: Algae - Bloomberg

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