Qualification to qualify people who love fireworks "fireworks viewer" is a report on the actual examination

Big fireworks spreading all over the night sky, and the beauty of the explosion is overwhelming as well as the power of explosion. Although it is a fireworks display which is done all over the country, I like to watch fireworks, "I want to go see the various events and enjoy fireworks" "I want to learn more about fireworks," love fireworks There are many people who do not. The qualification to certify that such a "fireworks lover" is "Fireworks viewer"is. I also tried fireworks viewer 's examination for doubling my knowledge of fireworks, so I summarized what fireworks viewer is doing and what kind of qualification it is to be tested together.

◆ What is Fireworks Appreciation Exam?
NPO corporation Omagari fireworks clubIn the certification exam carried out, "Things that I like fireworks" "Thinking fireworks as art, respecting the fireworks master who is the creator, the person who is the viewer himself also makes efforts to acquire the corresponding knowledge" etc. , It is a unique certification exam aimed at skill up of the viewer side at the citizen level. Up to now, 1055 fireworks viewers have been certified. Furthermore, authority and social benefits etc will not occur due to this qualification.

First of all, it is an exam application.NPO corporation Omagari fireworks clubWe will apply examination by mail from the application guidelines listed on the website of. This time I applied for the 14th Fireworks Appreciation Examination Certification Exam.

A few days after the application deadline of 11th September 2016, texts and admission tickets have been sent.

The text is a detailed data collection on fireworks such as the history of fireworks and the name of fireworks.

As for the exam, "Since there is a practical exam to answer the writing test and the kind of fireworks by watching the video", I will check the history and name of the fireworks while reading the text. For example, the following picture is a kind of fireworks of "thousands of rings", I remember only thousands of rings, but in more detail I can learn that it is called "coloring thousand rings".

We may anticipate that we may need to remember the names and features of the fireworks festival to be held throughout the country, and looking back at the fireworks display we have been looking at, watching the movie of fireworks festival that has never been done I memorized features and memorized the contents of fireworks related to texts and the Internet.

It will be October 9th of the examination day and head for Ozeki Daisen in Akita Prefecture.

Arrived at Omagari station.

Before heading to the test site, I will walk through the fireworks street shopping street in front of the station.

To the "Fireworks An" in the middle of the shopping street.

As I entered, materials related to fireworks, such as a model of fireworks ball and a cylinder for launch, were displayed.

In addition, in the back room, the name of the fireworks viewer is decorated by prefecture.

After observing fireworksan, I will head to the examination hall. This test venue is "Grand Palace Kawabata"is.

A state before the start of reception. Candidates read the text and prepare for the exam.

The reception started at 10:30. A facial picture is also attached to the examination slip, and after confirming whether it matches the principal, it will be informed inside the hall.

Sit in the same seat number as the examination number and wait for the lecture to be held before the exam. It is said that 75 people took this exam.

I will receive four lectures from 11 o'clock to 16:30. After that, the schedule is from 16:50 to 18:10.

The first lecture is from "history of fireworks" by Mr. Mikiyuki Enrento, Chairman of Omaki Fireworks Club. I will tell you where I am going to be in the exam so I will keep an important point while checking against the text. In April 2017 "The 16th International Fireworks SymposiumIt is said that the fireworks officials from around the world will gather in Okae and it will be the year when attention will be gaining attention on Omaki.

The first lecture was over, and lunch was brought. It is curry with Akita's brand cow and special product edamame.

The second lecture is about "classification and kind of fireworks", and lecturer is Mr. Koshiyuki Kumekawa of Wakaya Co., Ltd. You can spend a relaxing time on fireworks lovers that you can receive lectures by fireworks.

While enjoying the place, I got a lecture while having fun, including tips on the problem. Finally, a message to fireworks viewers is conveyed.

The third lecture,Komatsu Smoke & Fire Industry Co., Ltd.Mr. Tadanobu Komatsu's "Let's make fireworks and beat fried" lecture. This is a lecture by fireworks, but I heard that this lecture is difficult with advance rumors. The content is "to explain in detail how to make fireworks and how to hit fireflies, including technical terms 1", and for those who had not yet examined the contents and structure of fireworks, it may have been difficult to memorize newly I do not. This lecture was interesting content that you can know the contents of real fireworks not listed in general materials, it was a very meaningful time.

The last lecture was on fireworks researcherKonishiro Konishi"Fireworks display and appreciation points nationwide" I will explain how to appreciate fireworks while watching the contents and video of fireworks festival nationwide. Fireworks lectured in detail the attitude as a fireworks appreciation viewer, such as "I will never raise the same thing again, so I carefully see it".

The lecture is over and the exam is about to begin. In the exam, after a 60-minute written exam, five practical tests are written to write the names of the fireworks that were struck by watching the video. As impressions actually received, 75% of all problems can be answered if the contents of the text can be understood, 15% is a difficult problem that can not be answered unless you know the fireworks knowledge from the usual , The remaining 10% is luck. In the practical test, the impression that most of the candidates are difficult and not confident is certainly content to be hurt by a painful place called "Do you come out with it !?"

After the exam, I took a bus and headed to the festival venue saying "I can see the fireworks on the festival at the festival venue near the venue." Yosakoi's performance is held at the venue, and "fireworks lanterns" are lined up in the back.

Name the fireworks to beatNational Fireworks Competition Tournament "Fireworks of Omagari"Mr. Sasaki and child, who is announcing at the meeting, reads it in front of us, so that all candidates will be awaked. Voices familiar to those who have seen the nationwide fireworks display competition "No. 10 Ball, Blue Grain Blue Grain Crowned Chrysanthemum Blue Grass Crown Chrysanthemum" After the fireworks got over.

Simultaneous with the crown that also involved the scale ball in Star Mine in the closing. It ends with a luxurious and touching directive that I can not imagine as a fireworks festival in one district.

Fireworks viewers are not qualified to be proud of their knowledge or to evaluate fireworks festivals,Qualification to be a missionary to correctly convey the interest and splendor of fireworks festivalis. As an example, "After seeing the fireworks launching fireworks after all the fireworks have finished, there are competitions where you can see the smoke tube and the fireworks shake the light, at that time you can see the mobile phone and smartphone Please shake it and shake it and tell the gratitude to the fireworks museums "and will play the role of telling the way of enjoying the fireworks display. Since the announcement of success of the examination is November 13, 2016, we will add the report on acceptance at a later date.

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There was an announcement at noon on November 13 and passed.

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