A robot that jumps like a hopping with a single leg developed by Disney

as ifA robot that can move like a human beingYaA robot car that can also run on a wallWe are engaged in technical research and development such asDisney ResearchHowever, we released a robot that jumps with Pyon Pyeong with a single leg.

Disney Research »Untethered One-Legged Hopping in 3D Using Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel (LEAP)

Set on a silver table is a single legged robot developed by Disney Research. There were robots that could jump with a single leg, but with this robot built in all the components including the power supply, it is the maximum that it can operate as a single unit without needing external equipment It is a feature of.

It looks like this when you jump in continuous photos. When landing on a hemispherical part like a meat ball, you can see that legs shrugged short and shrugged and accumulated power, and released at a stretch, "Beyon" jumped up.

The robot consists of an upper part with a control computer and a battery installed, and a leg part that jumps by electric expansion and contraction.

Actual robot jumping and movement of equipment can be checked with the following movie.

Untethered One-Legged Hopping in 3D Using Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel (LEAP) - YouTube

The one-legged robot of this time is realized by "saving size and light weight" "leg that can be expanded and contracted electrically by receiving external force" "self-contained design without external cables" 3 points.

In the leg part, "Encoder" and "Temperature Sensor" which senses the movement of the leg, "Voice coil · Actuator" which produces motion by electromagnetic force, and "Compression spring" which produces the main repulsive force are used .

Voice coil / actuator is to create motion by using magnet and electromagnetic coil, and it operates on the same principle as a general speaker. The name "LEAP" meaning "linearly extendable actuator arranged in parallel" is used.

The unit at the top of the main unit has built-in battery for power supply, various sensors, microcomputer and so on.

Two servomotors are built in the base of the leg, and it is possible to tilt the legs in all directions.

It seems like you are actually making one leg jump.

From the state holding the robot in hand ......

I dropped on the ground and started to jump on my own.

At the time of landing, the voice coil / actuator sharply reduces the legs and stores the force of the spring ......

Jump with "Beyon". By repeating this action one jumping jump is continued. Currently it is at the stage where research is still underway and it is said that he has succeeded in the 19 jumps at the longest. In the near future, such a robot may appear in Disney's parks and events.

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