A movie to explain "What is Wasabi?" Made for foreigners who do not know the real wasabi

Sushi is a Japanese food that is loved all over the world, and "sorry" can not afford "wasabi". However, in overseas markets where sushi is popular including the West, we can not eat 'real wasabi' which is genuine wasabi, and many people think that horseradish is genuine wasabi. For foreigners who have never eaten genuine wasabi, I will show you how wasabi, which is native to Japan and known as the world's most difficult planting plant, is made up of movies "The Wasabi You Eat Probably Is not Wasabi"Explains it.

The Wasabi You Eat Probably Is not Wasabi - YouTube

The movie starts from asking, "Have you ever eaten real wasabi?"

"Unfortunately it is not a real wasabi"

"Wasabi" to be seen in foreign restaurants and supermarkets is a fake with a probability of 90%.

that isHorse radish(Horseradish). A genuine wasabi is such a plant.

The real wasabi is beautiful green.

Even if you grate over the shark's horseradishes ......

Beautiful green color.

It is said that wasabi is the most difficult plant to grow in the world.

The period necessary for wasabi to grow is 1 year and 3 months.

Of course the sunlight is necessary, but it can not be too strong or weak.

The most important thing in making wasabi is "wakimizu". A range of 13 degrees to 18 degrees is said to be ideal.

"Wasabi is all water, water is life", people who make wasabi talk.

Once the wasabi planted has deteriorated, we have to wait a year and a half before harvesting the next wasabi.

Located in Nagano PrefectureDaio Wasabi Farm.

It is a long-established store that is established in the 100 years since foundation.

Wasabi farm shooting from the air has a beautiful green color like wasabi.

There are 19 people working at the Great Wasabi Farm.

It is said that this number of people harvest 300,000 to 400,000 wasabi annually.

Wasabi making work is basically manual work, unlike mechanized work such as rice cultivation.

As a result, the price of wasabi is extremely expensive as 80 dollars (about 8000 yen) per pound (about 450 g). However, the taste and fragrance of wasabi can only be released in wasabi.

I eat it as wasabi is a part called roots and stems, and it is not a "root" that is often misunderstood.

There are only a few plants that produce pain, "Pain that can clearly escape from the nose" is unique only with wasabi, this is the merit of the wasabi.

In addition, it is a big appeal of wasabi that it has a deep taste in that it not only senses hotness but also the sweetness that remains afterwards.

Wasabi is a food that has been loved in Japan since the Edo period.

At the King's Wasabi Farm, he wanted to leave the work he had inherited in the next generation.

When you watch a movie, you can not help feeling that Japanese people who can eat real "Wasabi" with difficulty, sweetness and fragrance that is hardly grown in the world and not found in other ingredients are happy.

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