Results that the mystery further deepens by detailed investigation of the fixed star "KIC 8462852" where the existence of "Dyson sphere" made by extraterrestrial life body was made a noise

Star in the Statue "KIC 8462852"It is known that light is weakened irregularly, and the noise was being shielded by the structures created by extraterrestrial life bodies. Therefore, as a result of more detailed investigation, the phenomenon which can not be explained becomes clear, and the confusion is further deepened.

[1608.01316] KIC 8462852 Faded Throughout the Kepler Mission

The 'Dyson Sphere' mystery deepens: Bizarre star keeps dimming and no-one knows why

Once hypothesis that an alien with a civilization advanced from the earth might get energy by surrounding the entire stellar structure with a structure so as to efficiently obtain energy from a star, the astrophysicist It was advocated by Freeman Dyson. A structure surrounding such a star is called "Dyson BallIt is called.

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The phenomenon that the fixed star "KIC 8462852" in the scenery of 1,480 light-years from Earth irregularly diminishes by Dr. Jason Wright of the University of Pennsylvania in 2015Pointing outThere were various theories about the cause. Generally, when the planet passes through a fixed star the light is obstructed, but dimming occurs periodically if the planet is the cause. However, in the case of KIC 8462852 the dimming was irregular, and in the long case there was the specificity of continuing dimming for several tens of days. Moreover, it turned out that the light quantity fell nearly 20%. It was also found that a giant planet that is 1000 times larger than the Earth is necessary if it is a planet, and it is difficult to think that a number of comets have passed at once, and ultimately it is not a Dyson sphere produced by extraterrestrial life forms "The hypothesis of multiple scientists is to come out.

So we decided to investigate the degree of dimming in more detail and researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Carnegie University analyzed the data observed by the Kepler Space Telescope in detail and found that not only aperiodic sharp attenuation but also , It became clear that the brightness of the entire star changes irregularly.

KIC 8462852, the luminance of which continued to drop at an annual rate of 0.34% almost linearly over the three years from 2009, sharply decreased by 2% in just seven months from the end of 2011 and decreased by 3% We also know that the luminance is decreasing. Dr. Monte examined more than 500 stars observed with the Kepler Space Telescope, but there is no star whose brightness is rapidly decreasing as much as KIC 8462852, and the specificity of KIC 8462852 stands outstanding I will.

Dr. Benjamin Monte of the California Institute of Technology has been advocating the theory that the light is blocked by the cloud made of Chile made by collision of the planet and comet about the cause of dimming of KIC 8462852. In this theory It is difficult to explain that light intensity decreases abruptly over a long period of three years. "The change in brightness of KIC 8462852 is staggering and it is difficult to propose a phenomenon that perfectly meets the curve of the observed brightness change," the mystery of KIC 8462852 gets even deeper It is.

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