Google launched the latest smartphone "Pixel", VR headset, home audio assistant device, etc. "Made By Google" Summary

Google "Made by Google"Will be held from 1 o'clock (Japan time) on October 5, 2016. High resolution images of the latest smart phones "Google Pixel" and "Google Pixel XL" are released before the launchaccidentThere are two terminals that are expected to appear almost certainly. Also,Last year's eventIn the tablet terminal "Pixel C"And a new type"Chromecast"Hardware other than smart phones has also been announced and it is a place where expectations are also taken at this event.

#madebygoogle - YouTube

The movie will be shown when the event starts.

The situation of the venue is like this.

Mr. Sundar Pichaai who entered

From Mobile First to Artificial Intelligence (AI) First, this is the theme.

There are countless web services and applications in the world

Google connects this with the user.

For example, if you ask "What's the schedule for today?"

Show events you subscribed to on Google Calendar

If you ask me "How far is it to downtown Chicago?"

Show route and duration

Furthermore, we display restaurant information of the surroundings ......

It is possible to reserve a restaurant as it is

Not only can this be done from a smartphone ......

Ensure safety for users to use with confidence

Link with other Google products

Google assistant AI and machine learning became one product "Google Assistant". Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence bot announced at Google I / O 2016. A messaging application "Allo" that you can talk with Google Assistant so far has been released.

If you read the following article, you can see a whole new device released by Made by Google.

· October 05, 2016 01: 36: 00 second
Google genuine new smartphone "Google Pixel" appears, with conversational artificial intelligent "Google Assistant" - GIGAZINE

· October 05, 2016 02: 07 minutes 00 seconds
Google announces "Daydream View" VR headset for smartphone, VR content of new Harry Potato also available - GIGAZINE

· October 05, 2016 02: 58: 00 second
A router "Google Wifi" that allows you to connect to the Internet no matter where you are at home, appears, you can also operate from a smartphone - GIGAZINE

· October 05, 2016 03: 31: 00 second
Google announces "Chromecast Ultra" which supports 4K and has comfortable movie viewing with Ethernet terminal - GIGAZINE

· October 05, 2016 03: 49: 00 second
Audio assistant speaker "Google Home" to release Google to fully grasp "moments in the house" such as watching TV and listening to music - GIGAZINE

· October 05, 2016 04: 48: 00 second
Google's genuine smartphone "Google Pixel" is what kind of device, what movie did you actually operate - GIGAZINE

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