What you do not know as you know about "rest"

It is often said that "modern people need rest", but you know about resting, such as what is the state of resting in the first place, the impact of rest on happiness, how to rest and so on I have surprisingly few things. Research group formed by scientists, artists, poets, humanities and social scientists to study the mechanism of rest at the center of the Durham University in EnglandHubbubI am summarizing what is clear from my research about rest.


Hubbub conducted a large-scale questionnaire survey on "rest" to 18,000 people from 134 countries. The data on the rest obtained from it are as follows.

◆ Need for rest
In response to the question "Do you need more rest?", It is said that more than two-thirds are "necessary". By the way, without having to define "rest" at all, when asked how much time you wanted to rest, the average time was 3 hours and 6 minutes.

◆ How to rest
Next, as to the question "What do you want to do to take a rest?", The first place is "reading", the second place "spends in natural environment", the third place "spends alone", fourth place "Listening to music", fifth place continued "not doing anything" in particular. There seems to be a lot of people who answered that they wanted to share time with other people, such as meeting with family members and friends as a means to take a rest, and that they could get rest for one person.

Very interestingly, the idea of ​​"I want to rest and rest in person" was that there was no difference between outgoing and introverted people. Even outgoing people who feel joy in getting acquainted with others tend to want to be alone for rest.

◆ Rest and happiness
As a result of investigating the relationship between rest and happiness, those who answered "rest is sufficient enough" said that the score of happiness was twice as large as those who answered "more rest is necessary" Thing. From here, you can see that rest and happiness are connected directly.

Strangely, however, when examining the relationship between rest time and happiness degree, the happiness degree peaks at 5 hours to 6 hours of rest time, and it is slightly more happiness to take more rests I know that it will hurt.

As a fact related to this result, when examining the words associated with rest, 9% answered that "9% guilty", "stress inducing things" and so on. Professor Felicity and Colored of Durham University said, "There is an assumption that taking a lot of rest is" laziness "and it is necessary to challenge this prejudice, We are clarifying that there are many.

◆ People taking a lot of rest
When we looked at the rest time that the research team took within 24 hours, the fewest rest was the younger, more traditional full-time workers and shift work including night shift He said that he was a man. By the way, it seems that the group with little holidays tends to get high salary in general. On the other hand, it was said that older people, regular fixed income, unemployed, retired or had fine working hours that had the most rest.

In addition, although it seems that there are many men who complain that "I am too busy and can not take a vacation," actually it seems that male and female vacation time is more than 10 minutes on average I know that I am on vacation.

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