What is "von Neumann Machine" where human beings advance so as to spread out throughout the galaxy while extracting resources from the stars and growing themselves?

Mars is attracting attention as a star that humans can reside on behalf of the earth,Migration plan to Mars steadily progresses by SpaceX etc.doing. However, there are many scientists who thought about things on a larger scale of "Can not mankind enter the whole Galaxy?"Von Neumann MachineIs expanding into the Milky Way while acquiring space resources, so that the methodology of whether human beings can conquer the entire Milky Way is considered.

You can check what kind of idea "von Neumann machine" is in the following movie.

Could human civilization spread across the whole galaxy? - Roey Tzezana - YouTube

Is it possible for humanity to advance into the entire Milky Way Galaxy?

Can human beings escape from a small beautiful earth?

There are 300 billion stars in the galaxy.

The galaxy is 160 thousand light years away and far away.

If one spaceship is launched from the solar system, its speed is only 0.006% of the speed of light.

This will require 2.5 billion years to reach the end of the galaxy.

I devised a way that scholars can advance into the galaxy without breaking the laws of physics decades ago.

That name is also called "von Neumann machine."

MathematicianVon NeumannVon Neumann machine based on the methodology proposed by ... ...

It is possible to self-propagate.

Von Neumann Machine is initially produced on Earth.

And it will be launched into outer space.

The von Neumann machine that arrived at a certain star ... ...

Using useful resources and energy in that star ... ...

We will create several new von Neumann machines. The self-proliferation function that a robot makes a new robot is a big feature of von Neumann machine.

The newly created von Neumann machines, when launched towards other planets, utilize the resources of other planets to create even more von Neumann machines.

As you can see, the concept of von Neumann machine is that human beings will continue to advance into the galactic space while continuing to self-propagate by creating new von Neumann machines one after another.

According to scholars, it takes about 4 million years to win the galaxy by von Neumann machine flying at a speed of 5% of light speed.

Four million years seems a tremendous time, but it is a little time, considering that the universe was born and is 14 billion years old.

If the universe was born a year ago, it can be said to be an extremely short time equivalent to 2.5 hours.

Of course, to create von Neumann machine, we need some new technologies that we do not realize at the moment.

Evolved artificial intelligence

Miniaturization technology

Techniques to mold objects.

In order to make humanity advance into the galaxy using these technologies, further technical leap is required.

Artificially cultivating organic matter

It seems necessary to produce cells using genetic information.

If the alien has developed a machine like a von Neumann machine in the past several billion years and has started to advance towards the galaxy where we live ......

At this time, our galaxy will be awkward for the alien von Neumann machine.

Where is the unified von Neumann machine?

Scientist Dr. Karl Sagan says, "The fact that von Neumann machine is not spreading in the galaxy is the proof that an alien can not produce a self-propagating machine."

Also, some people think that "there is no alien in the absence of a self-propagating machine."

Or, some people think that evidence of the extinction of extinct aliens in the past since the failure to develop a self-propagating machine.

On the other hand, like the science fiction writer David Brin, there are already imaginations that various types of von Neumann machines already exist in the universe and they continue to grow in progress.

Some people think that there is a von Neumann machine that is developed for the purpose of destroying civilization before it becomes a threat by progress.

Also the theory that such von Neumann machine has already aimed at the earth.

It may be that aliens who succeeded in developing von Neumann machine are paying close attention to the fact that mankind reaches the level of civilization further ahead. Or perhaps it is possible that an alien has already landed on Earth.

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