A car like a flat pack of IKEA packed in a box and transported by ship and assembled on site "OX"

Not only are cars required in Africa sturdy, it is important to be easy to repair. Even cars with no special skills can easily be assembled "OX"Not only is it robust & simple, it has a revolutionary concept of the DIY system that it can be stored in a lightweight and compact box and shipped with the ship and assembled on site.

THE OX • OX Global Vehicle Trust

Meet the world's first car That can be packed up and shipped like Ikea furniture | The Verge

This is a car "OX" developed to run baggage and people on a rough road in Africa. Total length 2865 mm × full width 1863 mm.

OX boasts a transportation capacity of output of 74 KW (100 horsepower), torque of 385 Nm, maximum riding capacity of 13 people, and maximum loading capacity of 4100 pounds (about 1,900 kilograms).

Where the great part of OX is an assembly type. Since 60 kinds of parts can be packed in a large box, it can be transported cheaply by ship. It is OK if assembled in Africa at destination, so we can greatly reduce production and transportation costs.

No special skill is required to assemble the OX, so it is possible for people trained in simple training to assemble and disassemble the car body in 12 hours with 3 people.

It seems that the 2.2 liter Ford diesel engine will be transported in a separate box.

A chassis made up of hollow frames adopting a method called "iStream" looks like this. It seems that there is merit in terms of ease of assembly and cost with a simple FF method.

Because exterior parts are also made up of frames, they can be easily assembled.

In addition, the panel parts are made of wood-based composites that are excellent in durability, lightweight, and simple design pursuing functionality.

You can see how OX actually runs in the following movie.

The OX - Global Vehicle Trust - YouTube

OX developed for the purpose of humanitarian aid in Africa was handling F1 machine with McLarenGordon MurrayIt is designed by.

At the moment I am using a diesel engine, but in the future it is said that the power unit part is designed so that it can be diverted to electric cars and hydrogen fueled vehicles in the future.

Develop OXGlobal Vehicle TrustMr. Toruiru Norman said that OX just finished six years from the concept finally got into the production of a prototype capable of running tests for practical use, and from now on, by utilizing feedback of test driving and selling price I would like to realize mass production with 10,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds (about 1.3 million yen to 2 million yen).

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