Girls High School Student Tweeted School Water Color in Twilight and Suspended

Often we hear the news that "students take a picture of the super ice cream refrigerator and submit pictures to Twitter and make a fuss", but the water from the school's tap is brown A situation occurred in which a student who posted cloudy with a photo was suspended from suspension.

Student suspended after posting picture of discolored water in school bathroom to social media -

The problem became tweet below which was posted on 20th September 2016. Brown dyed water flows from the faucet.

Hazel Juco of John Glenn High School in Michigan, USA, who posted the photo. Juco took a photo of the faucet in the toilet, talked about the situation in a class with a newspaper themed, and then posted a photo on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Then it was called to the principal's office and was suspended as a suspended as "it is inappropriate to use electronic equipment in the toilet."

However, despite the fact that the act of self-taking at the school toilet has been done frequently, there are no students who were suspended. Juco's friends who felt that the school's disposition was unjustly protested by posting self-shot pictures taken in the toilet on Twitter. As the person who saw it got in touch with ABC News, this time the situation became bright.

With the meaning of protest, quoting photos taken at the school's toilet, the tweets of the students who murmured "It was good not to be suspended" are as follows.

Juco isABC News"I hope that someone will help us by looking at the pictures and our school has obviously no money."

Michele Harmala, who is responsible for the school district of Michigan / Westland in response to the situation, investigated and found that the school had not reported the faucet problem and arranged a plumber. Also, the rule "Do not take pictures with the toilet" is to ensure that students do not shoot inappropriate pictures, and that pictures to report on inadequacies in buildings are not included. Mr. Harmala says, "This disposition is unjust and we will surely delete suspicion from student records."

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