Crispy cream · donut with elegant purple potato flavor feels autumn "Cool Crispy Sand Murasaki Imo & Vanilla with Black Bean" Tasting Review

Halloween color is fun from Crispy Cream Donuts Autumn taste of "Autumn taste" Dessert like hamburgers using donut "Cool Crispy Sand Murasaki Imo and Vanilla with Black Bean"Has appeared. The same purple potato was used from the same period "Murasaki Imolate (hot)"Murasaki Imo Chillers"I can taste 2 kinds of new drinks, and have felt Halloween feeling covered with purple potatoes at Crispy Cream · Donut.

Autumn limited! New flavor appears in KKDJ Desert Donut "Cool Crispie Sand Murasaki Imo & Vanilla with Black Bean" Limited release from September 21, 2016 (Wednesday) ~ Selling 2 kinds of autumn drinks using Murasaki potato ~ | Press Release

Arrived at Crispy Cream · Donut.

"Cool Crispy Sand Murasaki Imo & Vanilla with Black Bean" "Murasaki Imolate (Hot)" "Murasaki Imo Chillers" was ordered, it was delivered in about 5 minutes. Cool crispy sand seems to take a bit of time because it is necessary to cook cold ice with a donut and somewhat warm it up.

Firstly from cool crispy sand murasaki potatoes and vanilla with black beans.

Potato ice cream has a unique sweet smell, elegant and sweet tenderness is just right. It is a flavor like Japanese sweets when eating black beans with a slightly salty taste.

On the other hand, vanilla ice cream has a rich and luxurious feel, which makes it a completely different flavor. Both are compatible with donuts, and it is a combination that does not fight even if mixing two types of ice cream at the same time. Because it is warming for a while it melts quickly so be careful.

I will try out two kinds of drinks at the end.

Murasaki Imochiraz is a frozen drink using domestic potatoes, with whipped cream on the top.

There is a sherbet of sharp texture of the texture, and this is a nice place to be rich with elegant purple scent and not cheap.

Since whipped cream is used at all that is not sweet, eating with a spoon makes it a sweet potato frozen drink's chopstick rest.

Murasaki Imolate (hot) opens the lid and fluffy steam milk is on. There is a hot drink of sweet potato under it, but gentle sweetness and purple mellowish mellowness are perfect for warm drinks and it seems like you can spend a time when you can become "Hot".

The price of "Cool Crispy Sand Murasaki Imo & Vanilla with Black Bean" is 420 yen including tax, "Murasaki Imolate (Hot)" is S size 350 yen including tax, T size 400 yen including tax, "Murasaki Imo Chillaz" It is 440 yen, and both will be scheduled to be sold for a limited time until Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

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