Headline news on September 26, 2016

It was announced that the animated new series of "Gintama" will be broadcast on TV Tokyo at Weekly Shonen Jump No. 43 released on September 26. In Sorachi Hideaki original work, directed by Yuichi Fukuda, director, in 2017, starring Oguri ShunLive action movies will also be releasedIn the past, the first stage of animation was broadcasted in 2006 - 2010, the second period was in 2011 - 2013, the third period was broadcasted in 2015 - 2016.

TV Tokyo · honorable Gintama

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A graph that you can feel "how many more years can you live?" GIGAZINE

"WEX - 733 D" which can be improved simply by inserting Wi - Fi which is weak and difficult to connect Wi - Fi into outlet - GIGAZINE

A mysterious girl takes revenge one after another to a driver who rides a motorcycle and throws it away - GIGAZINE

9990 yen with 3 gums Completely 400 mm in total height food toy birth - GIGAZINE

How different is the pig bone ramen between Japan and Hong Kong? I actually eat compared with "pig pig" - GIGAZINE

"Nope" to hide the web camera stylishly to prevent voyeurism - GIGAZINE

I tried arranging ramen actually with "Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen recipe" that exposes recipes going up on imagination - GIGAZINE

"It is cute enough to eat" It turned out that the smell of a baby has a drug-like effect - GIGAZINE

Pillow "OSTRICH PILLOW" designed to be able to take a snapshot in any situation anytime, anywhere - GIGAZINE

25 castles in the world that stimulate imagination from a beautiful castle to a decayed castle ruins - GIGAZINE

A female artist who draws a picture of a wolf with self-discrimination from a photograph - GIGAZINE

Lion was found to rescue a child who fell into Chihiro's Valley - GIGAZINE

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NASA announces Jupiter's satellite Europa "Amazing" announcement Photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Predicting NASA's "Amazing Discovery on Jupiter Satellite Europa" - Mushi Bro

Let's talk about funny stories about living things: philosophy news nwk

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Japan's "lousy" public relations diplomacy without strategy | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

BOJ Governor Boosts Negative Interest Rate Width if Necessary | NHK News

Extraordinary Diet opening: Prime Minister, announcement of a controversial discussion call - Mainichi Shimbun

Official residence, leverage to the Imperial Household Agency = dissatisfied with expressing feelings: current affairs dot com

The official residence is a dry evaluation with the Imperial Household Agency, "The owner should have acted so that the Majesty would take deliberation" (officials).

The Great Wall of China, 9 voices saying "It would be better to blow up" in the flat repair of the authorities International News: AFPBB News

Detect surfactant contained in death detergent due to contamination of drip infusion | NHK News

Soka Gakkai's future, Honorary President Ikeda is now ... Harada said: Asahi Shimbun Digital

- Ikeda Daisaku Honorary President is 88 years old. Recently I am declining an outstanding activity. How are you feeling?

"I am doing it, I am concentrating on writing activities, etc."

- When did you see these days?

"Yes, at this summer training"

- Is it possible to make important judgments?

"Of course, of course, from a few years ago, basically we entrusted the administration to the executive department and we are watching."

IoT data to strengthen protection of "trade secret": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Okinawa is described as "Forefront of intelligence" in NSA internal document Large intercept in "Elephant Ori" | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

The document is an information paper inside NSA titled "SID (Signal Intelligence Agency) Today". It was kept in confidentiality and was shared only by five countries - rice, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. An article from Okinawa was published in June 2003.

According to the article, "Okinawa Defense Defense Communication" stationed in Okinawa. The information gathered by the elephant's Ori was reported to offshore U.S. Army, Department of State and other information agency members and one of the three NSA regional bases in the world, Kuanya regional signal intelligence operations center in Hawaii .

The article reports that traffic accidents and incidents by officials of the US military in Okinawa were "taken up extensively and often discussed between officials of both the US and Japanese governments, so more specialized signal intelligence is required" doing. I have not touched on whether the people in Okinawa were being intercepted.

Why Calbee is "No Meeting Required, Documents Unnecessary" | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

About the corruption of Dentsu (inappropriate task) found in 3 minutes and the darkness of net advertisement - Goodbye, melancholy Thursday

Cabinet decision to shorten pension entry qualification period to 10 years | NHK News

Generation of government's first laws and regulations General offering will be provided from next fiscal year | NHK News

Explosive government in Hungary "Police aimed crime 20 male involved"? | NHK News

President Sharp, unpaid ... "You do not get paid by the deficit": Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)
In addition to being unpaid, since coming to Japan on August 20,Living in Osaka prefecture employee dormitory with regular employeesBy doing so, we have reduced expenses by about 100 million yen.

US presidential election, people who choose Trump at "ultimate choice" 5 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Washington Convention Conference eel survey on international transactions | NHK News

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Baby "cradle" to 10 years Memory chief of nursing department writer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Micro plastic waste First detection even in the Antarctic Ocean | NHK News

Why is the classroom blackboard on the west side? Architectural students will answer! - Maeda with a reputation for jumping power

Claims of a guest of a pachi is too a character of Ushima-kun! "It is my son's entrance fee! Return it!" "All the benefits of welfare protection got in place" - Togetter Summary

Agriculture was a "dangerous occupation"! Is it? Death accident rate is twice as high as in the construction industry Machine operation mistakes of older people (1/3 page) - Sankei news

I will never forget the behavior of a husband while pregnant - Chibi Drumati

I want to get off a woman who takes 60,000 yen a month just by breathing - meat

High price paint set, why brokerage school collection, uncertain current situation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Whether outdoor cats should be eliminated or discussed in the rice | National Geographic Japan Edition site

Moscow rice photographer exhibition, closed pictures in "Child porn" discussion International News: AFPBB News

Overcoming persecution and discrimination "Victory" pictures of Miss Transgender 10 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Human internal organs from baggage at airport customs, "husband's one" and owner female photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Yahoo unusual weekly holiday 3 days examination All subjects target, realize it in a few years - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Rental books in Finnish libraries bring royalty to writers and subsidies for writer activities! - Togetter Summary

Self-Defense Force instructor teaches "Difference between men who survive training and suddenly break" and mental health - Togetter Summary

What do you mean by debut as a writer? Mr. Ken Maeshima talks about his own experiences - Togetter Summary

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Erotic system and unpleasant advertisement came to flow to TL, but is Twitter so troubled? - Togetter Summary

[Sad] Google buys Twitter: IT bulletin

On the Presentation of Annual Salary Presented in Selection Through Career Change Draft | Change Draft Report

I would like to say "I am sorry" about Dentsu's digital advertisement illegitimacy from the client's point of view - Toyanna's bludy

Hermitage Akihabara? HHKB class ultra-small size and separate type. Try the dream-cheated freestyle keyboard "Barocco"

Begin introduction to payment of utility fee for bit coin domestic first | NHK News

Under these circumstances, I learned that Tokyo gas companies who entered electric retail in April decided to introduce bit coins as a means of paying electricity charges from November this year. It is Japan's first time to accept utility fee payment with bit coin, and we are considering introducing it to gas charges etc. in the future in this company.

We co-pressed a press conference "coincheck electric cigarettes" that you can pay for electric bills with bit coins! | Coincheck (coin check)

Listen to the radio for the past week! Radiko time-free function Start around noon on October 11! | Nippon Broadcasting "Shabel" Radio AM1242 + FM93

Progress management of Mixi "XFLAG Studio". What is an essential tool for game development, reduced by 150 hours | SELECK

What are the security measures required for public servers in the AWS environment? | Trend Micro Security Blog

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Eye Drops Episode 0 Prologue - Planet 'EYE' - - YouTube

About changing "Mash Killierite" character voice (CV) | Fate / Grand Order official website

There was a more intense pattern than I thought about "lily of men's daughters" 20 years ago - Togetter Summary

Soft Metal Vampire / Hiroki Endo First episode "I am Rookie." (1/2) - Morning / Afternoon · Evening Joint Web Comic Site Moai

The box office income graph of the movie 'Your name is ...' is abnormal, 10 times the Toho estimate (20 billion yen) is also watched: Market situation Kabu full strength 2 stories

The mouth biting wine of Toho is part of Toho's director Shinkai Makoto 's feeling sick "Too bad" - Togetter Summary

"Your name is. "Man who trusted Shinkai Makoto ~ Comic · Wave · Film representative Noritaka Kawaguchi interview ~ (Goji) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Precure 's decline in viewing rate does not stop (but it is okay). - PreCure Numbers Blog

Voice actor of Amuro role Toru Furuya The script of "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" lost is given from the fans - Togetter Summary

Dark Industry Dark [One Shot Party] Summary of the Noises - Togetter Summary

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【Best Goal Nominations】 Kono Hiroki (FC Tokyo) "2016 J1 League 2nd Section 13" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Shibasaki Dake (Kashima) "2016 J1 League 2nd Section 13" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Yu Kobayashi (Kawasaki F) "2016 J1 League 2nd Section 13" - YouTube

Yokohama F · Marinos vs. Gamba Osaka fighting three games in October, and the catch phrase of game notice is "Uma" as topics: Domestica blog

Would charisma like him appear again in Japan? "About 4 million people rushing to his site at the time of transfer": footballnet [Football summary]

so? "Ticket # resale NO" what do fans want? I interviewed a really great person. - BASEMENT-TIMES

I investigated how much the parent company of the professional baseball 12 team is profitable: Daily Nikki Quick News

Marlins' Ace accident death 16 wins this season Fernandez: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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"Kirin Hard Ceedle" is released for home | 2016 | News Release | Giraffe

Notice of the launch of "Malu chan positive noodle shopping noodles 5-meal pack" | News release | Corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Notice of new release of "Masaru-chan noodle cup soup's extremely rich thick rice salt" "News Releases" | News Releases | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

"Maru-chan white power Udon Udon" Renewal release "Notice of new cream colored rice curry udon" new release | News release | Corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Fall winter only! "Calpis Soda" Dense "Enjoy a fulfilling taste" New release on October 25! | Asahi Beverages

3 models of household ink jet printer 5 models, released on Thursday, October 13, 2016 (September 26, 2016) | News Releases | Topics | Epson

"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. hemp cloth burnt soba" "Donburi Pork bone white dumpling noodle / sesame garland soba" released on 10th October | Nissin Food Group

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