"Final battle not to die -" 3 weeks limited screening "Substantial Part 3 - Impulse" Main Scene Cut & Public Release

"Good! Afternoon" Animation of manga "Animate" in the serial series is progressing simultaneously with the television and the movie version, but first of all the theater version is released from September 23 "Subtitle Part 3 - Impulse -"The final chapter was welcomed. Ka Kei Nagai and Sato who are "the new human being who does not die", how will the way of the battle of the two who completely conflict be drawn in any way? While cutting scene cuts, we will follow the synopsis.

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A preview video published on the official website looks like this.

The final version of "Theater - Impulse" in this movie - YouTube

The screening time of this "Part 3 - Impulse -" is 121 minutes. Even if only the main part is gissely content, there is no such thing as "review of Part 1 / Part 2" before the start. The first part 's review is as follows.

The 2nd part of the theater "Layfarer - Collide -" even now from Part 1 Osaka & Part 2 Information - GIGAZINE

In the second part, it is predicted that in the second part, Sato who leads the sub group will begin assassination of companies and government officials engaged in sub-research as the second wave if Sato initiates attacks on human beings and the government ignores the group's claim. Meanwhile, although Nagai Kei is an ancestor, he only wanted to live quietly, but due to this movement of Sato et al., He could not say so, and he was with Tosaki et al. Who was a human being who was pursuing myself as an idiot I decided to collaborate with Sato and draw a flow of ... ....

And finally the third part. The theater is a trilogy, so it is complete with this.

Mr. Sato declared extensively on the net when assassinating important persons listed on the list as the second wave. Under Sato, we are gathering that vulnerable subordinates may be able to win their rights with this move.

Kei and attacks a few sub-people out of that movement, joined Tosaki et al. And Izumi Shimomura who is under the control of Tosaki. Considering the difference in fighting strength, it is overwhelmingly disadvantageous that Kyora is planning to raise the strength for the time being.

However, the "brain muscle" type of attack does not make any training at all, but Kei of "brains" suffers from hard training.

There are things in training that control their own IBM ... ...

Kei 's IBM is soooo cunning, stopping talking when talking "talking", doing the opposite of orders, or not listening to instructions in the first place.

For some reason the rope hanging from the tree is at the end of the line of attack and Kei. What is he supposed to train with this ... ....

Kei 's powerful Brain, Ogura Ikuya, the worldwide authority for sub - research.

With this I think that the group of ancestors of Mr. Sato and Kei will crash and the US Department of Defense is moving somewhat somewhat.

A battle between IBM breaking out in surprising places.

And Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare aimed at Sato.

I can not keep being killed as a government.

Receiving a dreadful attack notice by Sato, a television broadcast will also be held. How does Mr. Sato fight in the public circle? And can Kei prevent it?

Movement of the sub group will drive antipathy towards sub-people, causing "sub-hunting" to hit sub-family members. Naturally, it is necessary to target Yuiko Nagai, the sister of Nagai Kei, widely known as "third person in Japan".

Does Kaito, who helps him as a friend, say that Kei is an ancestor, what role will he play in this intense flow?

What is Sato aiming for killing aiming for?

"I want to live quietly" How does Kei face Sato?

"Ape party Part 3 - Impression -" is from "September 23, 2016 to October 13," 3 weeks fully limited release ".

Furthermore, on the official website, because the name scene of Part 1 · Part 2 and the part of the main part of Part 3 are made public in the video by saying "forbidding main part video seizure!", For the purpose of appreciating Please refer to it.

'Substitute' Official Site Forbidden main feature video seizure! Leak out movie attractions!?

◆ Staff
Original: Sakurai Shonen (Kodansha "Good! Afternoon" series)
Overall director: Hiroyuki Sakashita
Director: Hiroaki Ando
Series composition: Koji Seko
Production designer: Ferdinand Patri, Naoya Tanaka
Character designer: Yuki Moriyama
Modeling Director: Kazumasa Kazumasa
Art director: Matsumoto Yoshinaga, Takiguchi Hiroshi
Color design: Hiroyuki Noji
Director: Keisuke Ide, Kenji Iwata, Taku Yonbayashi, Ryoichi, Akira Aki
CG supervisor: Kenji Iwata, Masayuki Uehomoto, Susumu Sugai, Mizoguchi Yuki
Edit: Hida Sen, Watanabe Jun
Acoustic director: Miwa Iwami
Music: Yugo Kanno
Music production: King record
Animation Production: Polygon · Pictures
Distribution: Toho Imaging Department
Production: Sub-Sub Administrative Committee

Twitter:@ Anime_ ajin
Hashtags: # Person Plan

Theme Song: Mamoru Miyano "The Birth"

◆ Cast
Kei Nagai: Mamoru Miyano
Kaito: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Nakano attack: Jun Fukuyama
Sato: Yoshitada Otsuka
Koji Tanaka: Daisuke Hirakawa
Tosaki Yu: Takahiro Sakurai
Shimomura Izumi: Komatsu Umiko
Ogura Ikuya: Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Sogabe: Kenichi Suzumura
Almeida: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Myers: Maaya Sakamoto
Eriko Nagai: Aya Suzaki
Koto Fumi: Masashi Saito

© Sakurai Shogun, Kodansha / Subagent Administration Committee

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