"IPhone 7" 19-year-old hacker jailbreak with haste (Jailbreak)

ByMaurizio Pesce

Just released on September 16, 2016 "IPhone 7/7 PlusBut, I immediately ended the same terminal equipped with the latest OS iOS 10JailbreakA hacker who succeeded in (jailbreak) has appeared.

Teen Hacker Says He Jailbroke The iPhone 7 in Just 24 Hours | Motherboard

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The 19-year-old developer Luca Todesco who succeeded in jailbreak of iPhone 7 equipped with iOS 10. He is a developer of the jailbreak tool "Yalu" for iOS 8.4.1 and has been successful in escaping multiple versions of iOS so far. Mr. Luka said, "I successfully jailbreak iPhone 7 within 24 hours of my challenge."

News mediaMotherboard"When I interviewed Mr. Luca," Although Apple has created iPhone 7 very enthusiastically, this is not a 100% secure terminal, "said the security aspect of iPhone 7 is not perfect.

When I successfully jailbreak iPhone 7, Luca is my own Twitter account@ QwertyoruiopzI'm tweeting "iPhone 7 this successfully escaped from jail" on above. Attached to the tweet is the terminal screen.

Furthermore, in order to show that we succeeded in jailbreak, Mr. Luca was an iPhone app store for JailbreakCydiaPublished a picture of how it works on iPhone 7.

Furthermore, we are disclosing the place where the movie actually works.

IPhone 7 Jailbroken by qwertyoruiop - YouTube

Luca who succeeded in jailbreaking the combination of the latest terminal and OS combination "iPhone 7 + iOS 10", "I intend to release a detailed method of jailbreak until Apple distributes the patch (against the vulnerability I found) There is no comment. " Also, the jailbroken terminaldebugIt is said to be suitable for doing work, so I also reveal to use iPhone 7 which was jailbreaked for that. However, Apple has already tested the beta version of iOS 10.1, and 9to 5 Mac, which deals with Apple-related news, says, "This update will patch the vulnerability used by Luca."

In addition, in August 2016, Apple announced a reward program that will provide rewards of up to $ 200,000 (about 20 million yen) when users report vulnerabilities in security found in their productsAnnouncementAnd Luca seems to be able to receive the reward if reporting the vulnerability used for jailbreak. However, we do not report to the Apple side at the moment.

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