Garpan theatrical version Shimada Ariyoshi and Mika become figures, character deza & total director supervise thoroughly

A variety of hobby goods gather together from toys, figures, plastic modelsAll Japan Model Hobby ShowAt the KOTOBUKIYA booth that is exhibiting, the girls & panzer theater version of Aisato Shimada & Mika figures were on display. It is reproduced as if it had jumped out of the screen by supervised by Mr. Isao Sugimoto, director of character design and total drawing.

2016 The 56th All Japan Model Hobby Show Exhibition Information | KOTOBUKIYA

Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version Shimada Ariyoshi | Figure | KOTOBUKIYA

At the booth of KOTOBUKIYA I found an exhibition corner of Garapan.

Shimada Atsushi of the movie version is 1/7 scale and the total height is about 21 cm. Atmosphere that shirts and skirt wrinkles are likely to start moving.

Shimada Arisa's expression with a lovely Boko smiling down sparingly.

Border socks and shoes are also well reproduced.

Pacchar from the side. My hair has a sense of dynamic and I get the impression that he has jumped out of animation. "Girls & Panzer Theater version Shimada Ariyoshi" will be released in March, 2017, and making an article is now accepting reservations. The price is 11,000 yen without tax.

This is Mika (unpainted) of the second bullet of Gal Pange Figure Road.

This is also supervised by Mr. Isao Sugimoto, completion degree considerably higher.

I'm playing a Finnish folk instrument, a cantele.

Looking directly in front it look like this.

In addition, Micah's release date and price were undecided.

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