Occupation to distinguish cancer in 0.5 seconds

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For example, if a chair in your room suddenly disappears from the room, you can just look at the room without looking through the room carefully, and there is no "chair" You can notice that. According to a new paper published at the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a radiologist specializing in finding breast cancer from imaging technologies such as X-ray, MRI, and CT has a normal breast X It was reported that it was possible to distinguish between line images and abnormal mammograms.

A half-second glimpse many lets radiologists identifying breast cancer cases even when viewing the mammogram of the other breast

Doctors do not have to see cancer to suspect it's there | Ars Technica

People can grasp the meaning simply by glancing at large pictures is said to be global processing. Karla K. Evans professors at York University in England and others showed the image to the radiologists for a moment and compared the results of the radiologists and the image analysis results, I tested it.

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Then it turned out that radiologists can detect gun with a probability that it can not be said by chance, even if I showed X-ray images for only 0.5 seconds. Sometimes radiologists and others sometimes state the findings of "looking bad" just looking at the image a little, even before finding a specific anomaly in the image, but the results of this test showed these anecdotes It can be said that it supports it. Radiologists and others showed that they can actually read cancer signals from the entire image even if they do not know where in the cell the cancer is growing.

Also surprisingly, radiologists have noticed the presence of cancer even in X-ray images of breasts where no abnormal growth of cancer cells is observed. According to researchers, it seems that radiologists seemed to not compare with normal breast cells when distinguishing the presence of cancer. However, it seems that the detection rate in the case of saying "Please find a place with cancer cells" just like displaying the image for just a moment has fallen to a level that can be said as a coincidence.

Of course, a doctor can distinguish cancer cells of a patient as well as a radiologist, but it is a technology unique to a radiologist who can distinguish cancer from mammograms in a moment. Researchers used computerizedScreening test of cancerIn order to raise the accuracy of radiological experts in the future research we want to clarify what the "signal" instantly received from the image is in what future.

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