I have eaten it at the birthplace of "Susaki City", the birthplace of Kochi specialty "pot-burnt ramen" that can be eaten as it is hot in a pot with a thick flavor of chicken soup stock

In Suzaki-shi, Kochi Prefecture, we made use of local ingredients after the warHot pot noodlesIs popular, and now it is only available in the city as a local specialty at over 40 restaurants. We are eating at this "Hashimoto Shokudo" which is introduced as one of the popular shops of established brands even in the birthplace of this pot-baked ramen whose name recognition is gradually spreading even as a specialty shop in Kochi City It was.

When I go to Suzaki station on JR Tōkyō Line, I will be in the area of ​​the local character who wears a pot-burnt ramen's hatShinjoWhen,Yakase Takashi"Nabe Rahman" and "Otter's Cow" will welcome you.

The place where "Hashimoto dining hall" is located is 15 minutes on foot from the station and the address is "Yokomachi Suzaki, Kochi City 4-19" in Kochi Prefecture.

Arrived at the store at 10:40. There are still 20 minutes to open, but there are people who are already in line.

Opened at 11 o'clock, to the counter.

There are 6 table seats in the store, signs and photos of celebrities on the walls are decorated.

There was also a seat in the seat.

The menu is simple, "Nabe burnt ramen, usually 550 yen, large 660 yen, oversized 770 yen" and "rice, small 110 yen · medium 220 yen · large 280 yen" and only drinks. All prices include tax.

There is a pot laying on the table. We sit down and ordered ordinary Nakayaki Ramen noodles.

Soon after ordering, Takuan · Renge · Towel was placed.

You can see the state of the kitchen from the counter seat. In front of the eyes there are toppings for onions and chikuwaki (sushimi), placed in pieces.

About 10 minutes from the order, the pot-baked ramen is placed with the lid closed.

As it seems hot, take care of the lid of the pot carefully, steaming hot steam hits the face, the heat comes down. The person next to the seat directly touched the pot and it was "hot", so please be careful not to get burned.

In the pot-baked noodles, the definition of pot-baked ramen is prescribed to protect traditional taste and tradition.

First, the soup must be the soy sauce base of the bird chicken stick.
Second, the noodles should be provided a little bit harder than the straight noodles.
Third, the ingredients shall be meat, egg, egg, raw egg, chikuwa (squirrel) etc. of parents.
Four, the vessel is to be a pot (enamel, iron pot).
Five, that the soup is provided in a state of boiling.
Six, Takuan (old soup and sour taste is the best) is to be offered.
Seven, including "the heart of hospitality" in everything.

It is exactly what it looks like. First, confirm the egg · raw egg · chikuwa (sasaki).

I was hiding under the noodles, but also the meat of the parents engraved in the smaller.

The noodles were slightly stiff, the color was a bit darker yellow. It is fine noodles, but there was Koshi with a firm texture.

The soup is solid chicken broth soup, you can feel the umami of a thick chicken soup stock. Despite the taste of this deep soup stock, the characteristic of Hashimoto restaurant is that it is easy to eat easily and seasoned.

After crushing raw eggs ......

Tangled with noodles and eaten, the taste of yolk and soup combine and this is like a delicacy of pot noodles.

Here, when you eat old-fashioned Tacuan for chopstick break, there is a slight tight acidity, but thanks to that, the inside of the mouth refreshes once and reset once. I also want to drink soup with hotpot noodle. I understood the reason why Takuan is essential.

Because the hot pot is used as a pot and the soup is difficult to cool down, the pot-burnt ramen is in a raw egg state at the beginning, the yolk is in a state of semi-aged egg after a while.

As a pan only with ingredients and soup.

"You can also eat together with noodles", you can enjoy a variety of things.

On the way, eating with rice is also a way of eating, so where I want to try it again when I visit again. Takuan, an old-fashioned old to eat on local specialties and on the way to eating chopsticks on the way, has become an important element not to get tired of this pot-baked ramen, "exactly what you do not know the real taste if you do not eat at specialty stores" It is a local specialty. In addition, souvenirs andHometown Tax ReturnsAs a set, there is also a set of Tamba and Nabe Baked Ramen.

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