Trick images of mysterious visuals that can not see the point that should be seen are topics all over the world

Although there should definitely be 12 black dots in the image, the image of the illusion that three or four images can be seen at the same time, no matter how hard you try, is attracting the topic on the net.

Here's why you can not see all twelve black dots in this optical illusion - The Verge

The image of that topic is here. A gray line is drawn on Vertical, Horizontal, Naname, and black spots are written in 12 places where the lines overlap. For example, if you look only at the top right, you should be able to see the black point clearly, but once you move the viewpoint to the center of the image, only the two points at the center are clearly visible, and on the upper right, which should have been visible until a while ago The point of should disappear.

Furthermore, if you follow the point and move the point of view, it is a truly magical image that black spots seem to fly around here and there.

This is Ritsumeikan University'sAki KitaokaWhen the professor uploaded it to Facebook, it was widely shared and talked about.

Ninio's extinction illusion. Twelve black dots can not be seen at once.Ninio, J. and Stevens, K. A. (2000) Variations on the Hermann grid: an extinction illusion. Perception, 29, 1209-1217.

Aki KitaokaPosted bySeptember 10, 2016

Following Professor Kitaoka's post, this image will be shared by SNS even overseas. The game developer Will Kerslake's tweet has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times.

The trick that this illusion occurs is humanIllusionUsed. At the intersection of the grid pattern appear the color that should not existHermann grid phenomenonIt is a derivative form of French scholar Jacques NinioPresented in the paperis. It seems that the human brain uses the ability to make up for and complement the pattern when patterns of the same pattern are continuous.

By the way, it is this place where black spots are placed. When you do this, you can see all the points, but if there is nothing there will be an illusion of illusion, human vision is mysterious.

Furthermore, Professor Kitaoka is a leading person in optical illusion research and publishes many books. We also have a web site that collects illusion images and you can see a lot of strange images that you can mess up with Unaneune.

The page of illusion of Aki Kitaoka

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